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What is a starry biography? Irina Nelson (Tereshina) was born in the city of Barabinsk, Novosibirsk region. The date of her birth is according to some data - April 19, 1972, other sources say that - 1962-th. By the way, the year of birth is not the only controversial moment in the life of the singer.

Biography. Irina Nelson in youth

The future singer always knew what she wanted to associatehis life with music. In her native city, she graduated from the music school externally and at the age of 17 she fled the house. Courageous and desperate Irina decided that her life would be more successful and better in Novosibirsk. In an unfamiliar city, she entered a music school and began an independent life. In her youth, the singer was fond of jazz, after the contest "Yalta-91" Vyacheslav Tyurin invited her to the group "Electroversion". Together they recorded the album "Evening with Diana". In the 90's, she started her solo career under the pseudonym "Diana". The girl managed to go abroad and work there. In 2000, Irina Nelson returned to Russia and, together with Tyurin, founded the "Reflex" group.

Biography. Irina Nelson and "Reflex"

irina nelson biography
The idea of ​​creating the group came to Irina in Germany. So, already in 2000 their first track "Far-light" was recorded, which became successful on many radio stations. Within a few months the group is among the best in the country, collecting awards "Ovation", "Stopudovy hit", "Muz-TV Award" and so on. In 2003, the team achieved international fame. The girls represented Russia at the festival in Cologne Pop Komm. Dance music conquered the very Paul Van Dyke. At home, "Reflex" enjoyed insane popularity among young people. The compositions of the group were played on the radio and television, they knew the songs by heart. Young girls tried to parody the aggressive sexuality of pretty blondes, and men went crazy about soloists.

Biography. Irina Nelson. Return to solo career

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In 2007, on the stage of the Kremlin Palace during theawarding the Golden Gramophone Prize Irina announces to the public her decision to leave the group. The girl wished to return to solo works, and was convinced that "Reflex" no longer allows her to be creatively realized.

For some time Irina flies out of the country inDubai, where he begins his solo activities. As the singer tells about the time spent abroad, it was a time-out, drawing inspiration. She listened to different music and immersed herself in creativity. The singer was engaged in vocals with international professionals and recorded songs. Irina Nelson, whose biography has always had a lot of dark spots, keeps much silent and hides from the fans. Nevertheless, we see the fruits of her creativity and know that the girl continues singing.

Irina Nelson. Biography. Children

Little is known about the girl's private life. Nevertheless, we know that Irina is happy in her marriage to her producer Alexander Tyurin. The singer has an adult son from the first marriage. In her spare time, the girl does yoga and writes poetry. It is also interesting that for a long time the singer has refused meat and now uses exclusively vegetarian food.

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