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Hürrem Sultan, whose cause of death is still a mystery, left a deep imprint in the history of the Ottoman Empire and the entire Sultan family.

This legendary woman burst into lifeOttoman palace, not by its own will, but by the strength of its mind and zeal, it won the heart of the lion of the Ottoman Empire, became the second largest figure after it in that era, left hundreds of legends and legends about it, expressing different versions of its history.

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Hürrem Sultan, biography: death under the veil of secrecy

If the life story of Roksolana is known to us, inespecially thanks to the series "The Magnificent Age", her death is covered with a secret under seven locks. One version says that Hurrem caught cold, and the usual fever took her life.

At 53, the owner of the heart of the head of the whole empire was not only strong in spirit, but also had strong health. How did it happen that suddenly, in a matter of days, the illness took her life?

There is an opinion reflected in the belovedtelevision series, which, undoubtedly, this unfortunate outcome was put by the unfortunate sister of Sultan Khatija, who never forgave her daughter's execution for her husband. In her opinion, Hürrem Sultan - the cause of the death of Ibrahim Pasha, vilified the reputation of the Vizier in the eyes of the Sultan, which resulted in imminent death.

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Unforgettable schemer of the Sultan Palace

Her mind and cunning are described in the volumes of the historicalliterature. But the bloodthirstiness and the absence of obstacles on the way to the approval of their sons on the throne have no justifications. As follows from historical research, Roxolana ordered all the children of Suleiman to be found from slaves and concubines and killed them in various ways, in order to clear the way to the throne of her son Selim. She never waited for this event she so much desired, dying supposedly from a cold and fever before her husband. But her plan was a success, and the son of Selim still headed the empire. However, the passion for alcohol forever fixed him the glory of a drunkard, which is unheard of in the Muslim world.

Such rumors fill the story of the legendary Hürrem Sultan, who became a significant figure in the policy of the Ottoman Empire and won the heart of her lion.

The mystery of the demise of the power queen

Hürrem Sultan, whose cause of death is for certainunknown, rests in the most magnificent tomb among all the graves of the Sultan family. None of the women of that dynasty was given as much honors as her. Sultan bitterly mourned the death of his beloved wife, showering her grave with precious emeralds, which she loved so much. When the Sultan himself left this world, he was buried next to his wife, which was an unheard-of honor and recognition in those days in the circles of nobles and masters. His grave was also decorated with emeralds. Under the pressure of glory, the Sultan of Hurrem, all simply forgot that Suleiman the Magnificent loved rubies.

That such a significant person was HurremSultan. The cause of her death looms over an unsolved mystery over all preserved legends and legends. About 5 centuries have passed, and all are still on their lips.

Famous thanks to the television series Hürrem Sultan

The actress, whose photo shines in all the glossy magazines, perfectly coped with her task.

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The role of Hürrem was performed by the charming actress of Turkish origin, who lives in Germany, Meryem Uzerli.

Suddenly, the actress left the set,not having acted in only a few episodes. In the last interview, Meriem shared her reason for fleeing. This psychological exhaustion from a colossally complex role and unexpected pregnancy. Now she comes to herself after three years of hard work on the set and is preparing to become a mother.

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