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Sheldon Lee Cooper is a popular charactercomedy sitcom "The Big Bang Theory." At the moment, eight full seasons of the series have been released, and almost the ninth came out. During this time, Sheldon Lee Cooper became a recognizable hero, even among those who are not a fan of "Theory", but the image of an odd genius against the background of a gloomy detective / thriller, and a light comedy to many fell in taste.

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"I'm not crazy, Mom checked me"

Sheldon Lee Cooper - a man, to put it mildly, withstrangenesses. He is an outstanding scientist, undoubtedly, clever, but often completely unbearable. Sheldon is a sociophob who restricts himself from all communication with people and from the real world in principle, however, never misses the opportunity to brag. He's a daffodil. Its annoying shortcomings find surprising merits and, it seems, genuinely does not understand what might be wrong in it.


Sheldon has three best friends (andlater even more), so it can not be said that people absolutely avoid it. Although communication with him is not easy - Sheldon Lee Cooper does not recognize sarcasm, he does not know how to distinguish the emotions of people, because of this, often unintentionally offends them by his behavior.

The ambiguous attitude of Sheldon to physicalcontacts - he can not stand even hugs. However, in the course of the series Cooper is progressing, becoming more humane, but not losing its unique features. Some, perhaps, will remain unchanged.

"Sheldon, you do not have a personality, only a list of favorite TV shows!"

Strange genius, not adapted to communicate withpeople - this image has already been involved in both literature and cinema. But still Sheldon Lee Cooper - this is not a tracing paper from Sherlock Holmes or Doctor House. In fact, he is a child who in many ways needs protection, and his friends protect him, if possible, although they can say: "Why do we communicate with him at all?" Inability to empathize does not mean the absence of one's own feelings - Sheldon, in general, is easy-witted. It is difficult for him to accept change and even to be close to cursing people. But he sincerely enjoys the pleasant little things in the form of interesting facts, trains, favorite TV shows and characters.

Is Sheldon a Cooper Actor?

Manic ideas

Sheldon has several "points":

  • He knocks at the door exactly three times, after each knock, pronouncing the name of the one to whom he came. Even if you open earlier - Sheldon still access, although it will be discouraged.
  • "Point" about the completion. Sheldon is going mad after hearing the unfinished tune, seeing an unassembled puzzle and, in general, all the "underdog".
  • Everything should be on schedule. And this is not only Thai food on Thursdays, but the toilet is exactly seven.
  • The most famous joke of the series: "This is my place!" Sheldon on the sofa has an ideal place, according to his calculations, for which he does not allow anyone to sit down.

Do not look for problems where they do not exist

Despite the fact that Sheldon is rational anda logical person (or, at least, believes that and more than once it said), it is inherent in him to complicate life for himself (and others at the same time). Basically, it happens again because of the attitudes in his head - the unwillingness to accept change or do something that only the "lower minds" do, which he considers almost everyone.

Real world: who is Sheldon Lee Cooper?

Actor Parsons Jim embodied on the screens of the character,amusing many. Whatever the communication with Sheldon - in the series it always looks very comical. Jim's mannerisms only strengthen this effect.

The role in the sitcom brought Parsons fame - playing such an extraordinary character, he manages to fully reveal his talent.

Jim Parsons

In reality, Jim Parsons does not have the features of his character. He does not look like him at all - he is in a happy marriage and is happy to communicate with many people without any difficulties.

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