Krylov's fable "The Pike and the Cat". Path to yourself

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Krylov's works are inexhaustible.Each time, touching them, the reader stumbles upon some other, new meaning. Krylov's fable "The Pike and the Cat" is not an exception and conceals in itself many more various interpretations, we will try to extract one of them.

fable of a wing pike and a cat


Pike for unknown reasons wanted to changework: she decided to hunt for mice. Naturally, the sea predator turned to the main specialist in this matter - Kot Vaska. The assassin handled the pike's request with understanding, but as a respectable and conscientious beast tried to dissuade Kuma from this affair. He said that she did not know much about catching mice. And in general, why is she all this? Pike said contemptuously: "What do I need a mouse for?" I just caught it easily. " The cat gave in, understood that it was useless to argue.

And he took the fish to the hunt for a hunt. He, of course, everything went like clockwork, and the mouse fish almost did not eat. That's what the story of Krylov's "Pike and the Cat" tells about.

cat and pike fable


Morality comes down to a famous Latin saying,which, of course, we will quote here in Russian: "To each his own." Nothing good ever comes out of the fact that people begin to engage in their own business. For example, the shoemaker starts cooking borsch, and the cook - to repair shoes. Krylov's fable "The Pike and the Cat" teaches simple truths.

However, in justification of people you can say that theyare not born with a predetermined natural attitude, that is, one can not say by looking at a person, to which he is fit, because man is the "stepchild of nature". He is almost not determined by archaic instincts, if compared with animals, and nature has not given him anything to quickly and effortlessly adapt to the environment.

Whether it's animals, birds, fish, insects.With them, everything is clear. You will never force a lion to feed on worms or swim in the sea, as fish does. About our smaller brothers, nature took care much better than about us, miserable. But let us not be discouraged, but let us hurry to learn what the modern people can teach us, Krylov's fable "The Pike and the Cat."

Cult of the "creative person"

Finding your calling in life is good, it'sand this is inevitable when a person is young. Bad, when this kind of research is delayed to 40 or 50 years. But now in the modern world there is another pressing problem: people are being imposed the cult of a "creative person". Now everyone imagines himself a creator. Other people make good money on self-esteem, but the sad thing is that the whole rattling of the Russian "show-biz" distracts a person from really important and necessary affairs. Instead of reading something worthwhile or watching, people "stick" to the screens and watch how their fellows get their three minutes of glory. Everyone staring at the TV-box and seeing how the last suddenly become the first, thinks: "But I can do it as well."

What is the harm from such thinking?

Here you can not answer unequivocally.If a person has abilities, then, of course, he must follow his dream. The only problem is that it is not possible to tell before the experience if these very abilities or not exist. And imagine that a man tried, he did not succeed, but he insists and exploits his ambitions, wanders through different TV programs, and so all his life. As a result, it is wasting itself, and perhaps a fine driver or carpenter died in it. Then, it seems, the harm is obvious from the cult of the "creative person", is not it?

"Cat and pike" (fable) teaches you not to pay attention to external noise, to what is fashionable or correct, but to look for a way to yourself.

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