How to draw a compass in stages

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Compass is an obligatory thing for travelers,measuring direction and azimuth. The device has a long and colorful history, originating in Ancient China. This is a great invention for cartographers and seafarers for all time. Its purpose is to determine the direction.

how to draw a compass

The design consists of a metal arrow,reacting to the Earth's magnetic field. There are many beautiful visualizations of this simple and effective device. Those who want to learn are offered a lot of visual techniques. To learn how to draw a compass with the greatest realism, consider a step-by-step scheme.

Start the process

To obtain a guaranteed result,observe the sequence of actions. It is important to consider in detail how to draw a compass in stages. First you need to prepare. For creativity it is necessary to determine the inventory. We need a pencil, an eraser, a paper, a ruler, a pair of compasses. The image of the object is possible from nature, a similar process is much more pleasant. So it's easier to draw, because you can look at and see every detail on the compass.


So, carefully look at the instructions to learn how to draw a compass in pencil step by step.

how to draw a compass in pencil step by step

  1. Schematic segments draw in the center of the sheetpaper cross. Using the compass, draw three circles of different diameters. The central point must coincide with the intersection point of the lines of the cross. From the top points of the segments, draw straight lines to the middle so that triangular planes are obtained. To maintain the clarity of the lines, a ruler should be used.
  2. Detail the intersecting lines and the inner circle to obtain a volume effect.
  3. Define the outer circle with a double contour.
  4. Make the markings inside the lines of the resulting circle. This will be the outer part of the limb.
  5. Shade the internal sectors.
  6. Also, with a double contour, outline the middle circle.
  7. In the resulting ring, you should draw a schematic marking of the limb.
  8. Gently remove unnecessary lines with the eraser, clearly draw outlines.

For greater detail, you can designate the parts of the world as letters. If you use the proposed scheme, then the question of how to draw a compass will not be difficult to implement.

how to draw a compass in stages

Termination of the process

Beginners who want to portrayany measuring device, are interested in how to draw a compass or a clock, so that the image is authentic. Stop debutants lack of drawing skills. Do not despair - there are techniques that help to cope with the task. If it did not work the first time, try again. Make every effort to achieve results. After a detailed examination of the execution scheme, the drawing process will become clear even for the beginner. Now an inexperienced artist knows how to draw a compass.

At the end of the creative process, you can add color to the painting - to draw a sketch with colored paints.

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