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Irina Temicheva is a spectacular blonde whoYou can see in many rating series ("Sweet Life", "Kitchen", "Short Course of a Happy Life", "City of Temptations", "Cash Collectionists"). She does not often get key roles, but the actress does not doubt that her main achievements are ahead. What can you tell us about the beautiful woman? Information about it is presented below.

Irina Temicheva: the beginning of the road

The actress was born in Yoshkar-Ola.It happened in July 1985. Irina Temicheva grew up as a mobile and inquisitive girl. She actively participated in artistic amateur performances, attended dance and singing clubs. As a child, the future star began to dream of fame and admirers, imagined herself a famous actress.

Irina Tamcheva

By the time of graduation Irina Temicheva alreadyfirmly decided to link their destiny with dramatic art. She continued her education at the Mari College of Culture and Arts. The young actress received the diploma from the end of this educational institution in 2004, after which she went to conquer Moscow.


Irina Temicheva is an actress who owes herfamous for Russian "soap operas". She performed her first roles in the TV projects "Track", "Univer", "The City of Temptations", "The Capital of Sin", "Love and Other Nonsenses", "Zaitsev plus One", "Run." The secretary, the singer, the waitress, the model, the beloved of the main character - the role Irina received mostly episodic and secondary.

irina temcheva actress

In what other series has time to have a spectacular blonde to be 32? The list of TV projects with her participation is given below.

  • the criminal series "St. John's wort" (2011);
  • melodrama "Pilot of International Airlines" (2011);
  • Sitok "Kitchen" (2013-2014);
  • insurgent "Teacher in the law. Return "(2013);
  • drama series "Sweet Life" (3rd season, 2016).

What else to see?

Irina Temicheva is not yet one of theactresses, which directors indulge in offers to star in a big movie. At the moment she can only boast of participation in such films as "Blizzard" and "Kitchen in Paris". In the first tape, Irina played a model called Alla, and in the second she tried on the image of Eve.

It is impossible not to mention new TV projects withparticipation of Temicheva. In 2016, the actress played Love Feldman in the mini-series "Get married at any price", reincarnated in Ilona in the "Heirs". In 2017, the detective thriller "The Hostage" with her participation was presented to the audience.

Personal life

Of course, fans are interested not only in movies andserials in which Irina Temicheva is present. The biography of the effective blonde shows that she broke up with her freedom back in 2010. The chosen actress became famous producer Viktor Bondaryuk. It is interesting that the proposal of the hand and heart Temicheva received already on the fourth date, and without hesitation took it.

irina temcheva biography

For several years, Viktor and Irina have enjoyedfamily happiness. Children do not have a star pair yet. However, their appearance in the future can not be ruled out. From time to time, there are rumors of Temicheva's novels with famous men. For example, at one time gossip about her close relations with Dmitry Nagiyev was very popular. The actress invariably refutes such rumors, claims that she loves only her husband.

Interesting Facts

Irina Temicheva not only starred in TV shows, butand participates in a variety of shows. For example, relatively recently the star appeared in the sketch show "Lucky Case", the release with her participation became very popular. The actress leads an active social life, as evidenced by the photographs, which she lays out in the Instagram. From time to time the blonde poses for popular glossy publications, for example, her pictures can be seen in the magazines "Maxim" and "Playboy". No wonder, because Temicheva - the lucky possessor of a beautiful figure, weighs only 46 kg with a height of 167 cm.

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