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In this article we will talk about the young andpromising actress Anastasia Steszko. In what successful films has the young actress already managed to withdraw? How well is her career developing? What can you say about the life of our heroine outside the set? All this will be discussed later in the material.

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Childhood and youth

Anastasia Stezhko, photo of which can be seen inarticle, was born on September 5, 1989 in the city of Kaliningrad. As a child, our heroine was a diligent student, she received the highest marks in almost all subjects. In parallel, Nastya found time to visit the music school, where she comprehended the piano.

To think about the career of an actress, the girl started,having received the diploma of secondary education. In 2007, our heroine went to the capital, intending to enter the State Institute of Cinematography. It is noteworthy that the selection in a prestigious educational institution Anastasia Styozhko was without any experience of stage activities. She made a bet on her innate artistry, charisma and attractive appearance. The girl successfully passed the selection and got on the course of the famous artist Vladimir Grammatikov.

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Debut in the movie

Enlightened in the cinema Anastasia Steszko, beingstudent of the last institute courses. In 2011, a talented, attractive girl was invited to the multi-part television project "Hour Volkov-5". Then, for only one year, our heroine took part in the shooting of as many as 3 films: "Exchange rings", "Save the boss" and "Bonfire in the snow."

The starry hour of the actress

Extremely successful in the career of a young actressbecame 2013 year. At this time Anastasia Styozhko was approved for one of the main roles in an extremely promising project. This was the television series "Angel or Demon." In a youth film with a mystical story, Anastasia Styozko got the image of a negative heroine named Kira.

Naturally, the project "Angel or Demon" will not be able toto win the status of cult cinema. However, he already managed to gather around him a whole army of grateful fans. As for Anastasia Styozhko, after participating in the project, the actress became an idol of many thousands of people. The game in the series made a young actress known throughout the country.

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Filmography of Anastasia Steszko

At the moment behind the actress's participation in the following projects:

  • "Dad is in the law";
  • "Save the boss";
  • "First love";
  • "The law of the stone jungle";
  • "Angel or demon";
  • "Veronica. Bezgljanka ";
  • "Exchange rings";
  • "Dark World: Equilibrium";
  • "Without Borders";
  • "Adoption Clinic";
  • "Youth";
  • "How I became a Russian";
  • "Motherland";
  • "Hour of Volkov-5";
  • "Five minutes of silence";
  • "Josephine and Napoleon";
  • "The Black River"
  • "Inspired";
  • "A policeman with Rublyovka";
  • "Jackal";
  • "Second chance";
  • "A simple girl";
  • "A house in the heart";
  • "With my own eyes";
  • "Time to collect";
  • "Fire in the snow."

Personal life

Currently, Anastasia is still notmarried. For a long time in the press, there were rumors about the relationship of the young actress with a partner in the series "Angel or Demon" by Kirill Zaporozhsky. Then the rumor connected the actress with Sergei Chirkov - the performer of the main role in the film "How I Became a Russian". Today, Anastasia Styozhko really has a young man. However, he prefers to keep his name secret.

One of the main hobbies of the artist areshooting for fashion magazines. Nastya has a rich work experience as a model. Our heroine likes to upload her pictures on her own pages in social networks. Among other activities of the actress outside the set is worth noting travel around the world and sports. To maintain her own body in good shape, Anastasia pays much attention. It's not for nothing that professional models can envy its figure.

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