The film "14+ The history of the first love": actors, roles, creating a picture

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In the film "14+ The History of First Love" the actors are verysensually, intelligently and delicately told about the experiences of adolescents. About these feelings the children were not told by close people, they did not explain the teacher at school.

About the film "14+ The History of First Love": actors and roles

The events shown in the paper could have occurred inany yard of each settlement, where there are multi-storey houses, sleeping areas and educational institutions. The film is a story about modern Romeo and Juliet. In the main roles starred Ulyana Vaskovich and Gleb Kalyuzhny. These young actors played Vika and Lesha, in love with each other.

14 story of the first love of actors and roles

In the film "14 plus the story of the first love" actorsnarrate that modern adolescents grow up in social networks, computer applications. They do not write letters to each other, but chat on the Internet. Virtual communication for today's young people is much easier and easier than visual friendship and relationships.

Mama Lesha, who played Olga Ozolapin, in thelonely brings up a son. The lack of a second half and constant domestic problems broke the woman. Constant fatigue and a sense of hopelessness create problems in communicating with the only son. A growing teenager can not communicate with his mother as a friend. Their communication takes place only at the level of solving everyday problems.

Vika lives in a full-fledged family. However, the presence of two parents is not always a guarantee of understanding on the part of adults. Her native people do not care about the inner experiences of their daughter.

Schools in which young lovers study, are at enmity with each other. Lesche, in love with Vic, has to fight with the guys from this area to see the girl.

First dates, interested views,awkward kisses, innocent touch - for the sake of all this guys are ready to run away from home. Parents do not understand them, strangers scoff at them, teachers counteract their feelings. But Vika and Lesha, in love with each other, are not ready to part, they want to be together.

History of the film

The creator of the film Andrew Zaitsev sought to showin one picture, as childhood under the influence of emotions very quickly turns into adulthood. This film has collected a variety of positive and negative feedback. Indeed, the problems shown in the film now are being solved by maturing children and their parents.

14 plus the story of the first love actors

In the filming of the film "14+ The Story of the First Love"actors were involved from the social network "VKontakte". These are teenagers of fifteen-year-olds who first tried to film in a movie. After the premiere, Andrey's audience and colleagues noted that the actors showed honest and true first love.

At the tests Ulyana Vaskovich told a storylove of his parents, because his love story has not yet been. On the set, the girl was surprised that the scenes are shot in a different way, and not the way the film is.

Andrey Zaitsev as a talented director madeso that while working on the film "14+ The History of First Love" actors Gleb Kalyuzhny and Ulyana Vaskovich first saw each other only on the set. Therefore, the awkwardness and confusion of the guys shown in the film was a real and believable feeling.

Gleb Kalyuzhny

Gleb was born in Moscow on August 14, 1998. As in the film, Gleb's parents dissolved the marriage. The boy was brought up by my mother. After the end of nine classes, Gleb entered the Moscow Polytechnic College. However, in the future, the young actor intends to enter the educational institution, which will be associated with his future theatrical activities.

movie 14 story first love actors

Gleb has always been interested in music, such is herdirection, like rap. As a teenager, he began to process musical compositions, creating original arrangements and recording his own works. Over time, this fascination turned into serious work. The first result of the work has appeared in the form of a studio album "Frank". In it, eight songs entered were created by Gleb.

Ulyana Vaskovich

Young talent Ulyana Vaskovich saw the light 18July 1998 in the Russian capital. Her mom and dad are directly related to the cinema. From the first grade the girl attended classes at the theater school. Prior to filming the film "14+ The History of First Love," Ulyana starred only once in a training film.

14 story first love actors

Information about the young actress, about her personal life is very small. Light, non-committal relationship the girl had, but before the shooting she broke up with her young man.

After the premiere of the film, there were rumors about a novel with Gleb Kalyuzhny, but young people deny it. Ulyana simply likes to go to the concerts of Gleb.

Awards of the film "14+ The History of the First Love"

This picture took part in 35 international festivals. At Berlinale, the film was nominated for the "Best Feature Film for Young People" award.

The film became the winner of "Kinotavr", having receivedPeople's Choice Award. Also at this film festival, the judges presented the filmmakers with a special diploma "For a talented and sincere view of the VKontakte generation that knows the eternal values ​​of love."

At the festival "Stalker" the painting was awarded forvictory in the category "Feature Films". The performer Gleb Kalyuzhny at the Greek international festival "Olympia" won the award for "Best Actor".

The film "14+ The History of the First Love" tellsabout young, naive, kind, sincere adolescents who, unexpectedly for themselves, are experiencing adult feelings. For them, the whole life is yet to come. Everyone in this film will see or remember themselves. After all, the experiences that are shown in the film are close to any person.

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