How to draw a Kremlin beautifully?

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Drawing with a pencil is a great way to get rid of boredom. Everyone can learn this, regardless of gender, social status and age.

Following the step by step advices of the master, you can draw almost anything. Today's lesson will teach how to draw a Kremlin.

What it is

The Kremlin is a fortified city in Ancient Russia. To protect themselves from enemies, the townspeople built a fortress wall with sentinel towers and loopholes. Often it was surrounded by a deep moat to further obstruct the enemy access to the city walls.

Of course, to draw a full-fledged fortress, one lesson is not enough. For this you need to seriously study for more than one year. This same lesson will teach how to draw the Kremlin in its simplified version.

A few steps - and the base of the drawing is ready

Let's start the lesson and learn how to draw the Kremlin in stages.

Step 1. First, create the base.

how to draw a Kremlin

For this, we draw a few non-strictelongated quadrilateral, the first and the third making the same length, the rest - a little narrower already. The top of each is crowned with a bulb. Between the first and third tower we put the most important one - a quadrangle with a sharp triangular roof decorated with a small onion on top. The bottom of the roof is not a straight line, but in the form of waves.

Step 2. At this stage, we will draw some details in more detail.

how to draw a Kremlin in stages

Let's start working with smaller towers. In the middle of each we will depict a wavy line, from which a slightly narrowed flat wall will rise. Dome-bulbs adorn with short spikes. In a similar way we will deal with all the turrets.

If everything is done correctly, then at this stage of the lesson "How to draw a Kremlin" should get such a picture.

how to draw a pencil Kremlin

Detailing items

Now you know how to draw a kremlin-base, andyou can safely go to the next step. Everything is ready for working out the details. The bottom of the tower is "lined" with a sharp broken line, on which we will "plant" a rim of two parallel straight lines. In the upper part of the tower, in the form of vertical short strokes, we will draw the loophole windows, above them we will also depict a double bezel. To make the dome beautiful, you need to decorate it with longitudinal lines curved in the shape of the dome. The picture below shows how the traced tower should look.

how to draw a Kremlin

Similarly, draw all the small turrets. They will all be the same.

how to draw a Kremlin

We came very close to taking up the most important tower and finishing the lesson.

The central structure differs in design fromall the rest. The walls are decorated with twin wavy lines in the form of fish scales. Under them we will place the double bezel that we already know. Under the roof itself, the wall will be ringed with a single undulating line. The roof is drawn with straight vertical lines, which at the top will tend to converge at one point.

how to draw a Kremlin

Remove all unnecessary lines. The picture must match the image below. If everything turned out, then after diligence you successfully mastered the lesson and know how to draw the Kremlin.

how to draw a Kremlin

A little color

Knowing how to draw a pencil Kremlin, you cana little fantasy, and with the help of color to give the picture brightness and uniqueness. There are no rules, everything relies only on the imagination and taste of the artist. At us it turned out so.

how to draw a Kremlin

You can make a color image using pencils, markers, gouache or watercolors. The main thing is more variety. Then it will turn out beautifully.

Tips of the master

In order to draw a pencil with pleasure, you must have:

  • white thick paper,
  • a few simple pencils of different markings (hardness),
  • soft eraser.

It is very important to train every day. Only then will the hand get enough hardness, the strokes will become confident, and the drawings - incomparable!

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