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Many owners of personal computers andlaptops with access to the Internet often hear such phrases as: "It can be downloaded on the torrent", "Distribution on the torrent stands" and the like. But what is this "torrent" and how to download necessary information from there? And more importantly, how to find a torrent tracker, from the vastness of which only the desired file will be downloaded, and not the virus?

What is torrent trackers?

Torrent Trackers are sites that store links,leading to the server and storage, which contain files of various types: audio, video, programs, images, disk images and so on. The process of downloading a torrent file or a magnetic link varies depending on the site, but usually it's pretty simple: click on the link, specify the download location and wait until the download is complete.

list of the best torrent trackers without registration

List of torrent trackers on which you can findsuitable files, is constantly updated. However, the work of some of them was suspended by Roskomnadzor, which is actively fighting piracy in the open spaces of the Runet. But the site administration found ways to bypass the lock, and users, despite the prohibitions, still use them.

The best open torrent trackers Runet

List of torrent trackers without registration forRuNet is headed by the infamous "Rutor". For many years the open tracker allowed users to download the materials of interest for free and without registration. But in recent years, Roskomnadzor is actively pressing on this site. Several hosting services were already closed, but the administrators of Rutora created a mirror and marked it at

list of the best torrent trackers

The list of torrent trackers that do not requireregistration, is included and On the site you can find movies, TV shows, games, programs and much more. However, because of the heavy load, the site often "hangs", and in order to download the file, you must wait sixty seconds. Also, some users say that "Torrentino" is overloaded with advertising.

With attendance of 500 thousand people per day onthe third place in the list of the best torrent trackers without registration is In the vault you can always find the best movie novelties. Also, the creators of the site created a convenient forum where users can communicate and share their impressions of the watched movies and TV shows.

List of the best torrent trackers "Runet"

In addition to open trekkers, on the open spaces of the Runet there are large data warehouses, for access to which you need to register.

Such a list of torrent trackers is headed byRutreker, located at At the largest trekker in the CIS, more than thirty million users are registered. The site provides access to all types of data and even after blocking Roskomnadzor continues its pirated activities. It should be noted that the site cooperates with some Russian companies, and therefore it is forbidden to fill certain Russian programs on Rutreker.

list of torrent trackers

A worthy competitor to Rutreker was the site "FTO" was created as a service, where you can download games and programs that are prohibited on "Rutreker". In recent years, the site has gained great popularity, due to which it often "hangs" and is out of the access.

"Electric Train", also known as On this site, the first releases of movie novels appear, and only after that the files migrate to other large and small trekkers.

Foreign torrent trackers

Undoubtedly, the list of the best torrent trackers forhead of the world-famous "Pirate Bay", or This trekker-indexer is the largest in the world. In addition, the user does not need to register to download from the site.

list of torrent trackers without registration

The list of torrent trackers abroad is headed by"Pirate Bay", but in second place is tracker search engine "Mininov" has been working for twelve years and does not require registration to access files. However, recently, all files that violated copyrights were deleted from the site.

On the third place in the list of the best torrent trackersoverseas has gone This is a private torrent tracker, which has a convenient search engine. Tracker is one of the largest open storage, but registration provides additional services to users.

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