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In the modern show business appear monthlynew names. One of the most popular rappers in recent years was Ellai. His biography is discussed in all social networks, because the singer has an unusual appearance and origins. He became famous for performing only his own compositions and willingly performing throughout Russia.

Who is Ellai by nationality?

elai biography
In 1992, Aliyev was born in SimferopolAlvin Galibovich, who later became rapper Ellai. His biography is interesting. Inquisitive fans learned that the singer was born in a creative family: his grandfather was a poet, and his father - a famous performer in his circles who has his own band. Many argue that the singer was born in Baku, but this is inaccurate information. He is really Azerbaijani by nationality, but according to documents he is a citizen of Ukraine.
From the youngest age, he knew what he wantedto engage in life. At first he listened to American rap, and from the age of 16 began to get involved in the creative work of the St. Petersburg bands. Immediately after graduation in 2009, he meets with the bitmaker Tematik and begins to actively engage in creativity. In addition to Ellia's music, whose biography interests many fans, she does sports and photography. He leads an active lifestyle and does not stop there.

In what directions does the singer

The singer calls himself a rapper, but the fans have foundin his work compositions that can be attributed to jazz. Now he lives in Moscow, but often acts in Ukraine. The young performer has three albums on his account, now he is actively working on the fourth album. He likes to perform at corporate parties and other holidays.
In 2015, he received an award from the Music Box fortheir creativity. The secret of his popularity Ellai, whose biography is interesting to all fans, calls what he sings about love. All his tracks are written from the heart and only about what is interesting to the author.

What is Ellya doing now?

Elli's singer
Currently, the singer is actively touringsouth of Russia. He collects impressions for the new album, which he plans to release in the coming year. One of the last recorded songs for the album was the composition "Strela". In it, Ellai (the singer) did not change his style of reading and writing text. He trained for a long time to get a beautiful relief body and at the moment is completely satisfied with his physical form. Now the singer works as a model for the German brand, and also produces clothes with his own branding. He also advertises sneakers Adidas, which he wears himself.

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