How to draw a flamingo - a pink miracle of nature: a step-by-step guide

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Flamingos are amazing birds thatare found in nature. Similar to herons and storks, they still have distinctive features that are not inherent in any other bird on the planet. Firstly, it is an unusual color of feathers, and secondly, a beak. It is curved, large and, in all probability, very powerful. Today we will plunge into the world of creativity and learn how to draw a flamingo. And in order for everything to work out in the best possible way, it will not take much: a good mood, a patience, concentration, a simple pencil and a piece of paper.

how to draw a flamingo

We design

In today's lesson of flamingos, we will draw on a full sheet. For this, the paper should be placed vertically. Well, now let's start directly to create:

  1. In the upper right corner of the sheet,the future head of the flamingo. In this case, do not forget that it can not be done in any case, otherwise it will not be possible to draw a flamingo as a real one. We try to picture a neat little oval, leaving a sufficient place on the side of the bird's beak. By the way, the oval should be drawn, as if it lies on its long side. Then parallel to him we will depict a similar figure, but much larger.
  2. We proceed to the next step, namely, we beginto draw a body of flamingos. Below from the first sketch, practically in the center of the sheet, you must also draw an oval, which later turns into a flamingo trunk. Do not overlook the fact that the figure should be large enough, because in a real bird, this part of the body is the most voluminous.

how to draw a flamingo in stages

How to draw a flamingo: a step-by-step guide

Flamingos do not look like other stork-like ones, they have characteristics that should be paid attention.

In order to draw a flamingo, as a living,that is, as accurately as possible to repeat the smooth outlines of his graceful bends, it is worthwhile once again to look carefully at the very first photo presented in the article. Pay attention to the long neck of the bird, and now try to transfer as much as possible seen on a piece of paper. We connect the upper oval with the lower smooth curved line, and parallel it we carry out exactly the same. If everything is done correctly, then the neck of the flamingo is ready.

The final step in thisimage of bird's feet. They are long with knees arched in an unaccustomed way. Design their outlines from the calculation that the legs should occupy the same amount of space on the sheet as occupy the head, neck and trunk.

How to draw the rest of the body?

Now we begin to draw a bird's beak. The beak of a flamingo is unusual. We will try to depict it correctly. To draw a flamingo with a pencil as a professional artist, you must carefully approach this part of the picture, because the pink beak has a really special beak. It is something in between the parrot's "spout" and the beak of the toucan. The main feature is bending downwards.

The wing is formed on the bottom of the large oval smoothly leaving behind its outline in the region of the bird's tail.

Then draw the eye. Remember, flamingos have small eyes.

Finalizing the drawing

how to draw a flamingo in pencil

Now, when most of the work on the drawing has already been done, the matter remains for a small one. You just need to refine the resulting masterpiece. Let's start:

  1. Let's start with the flamingos. This bird has membranes between the fingers, so we clearly draw three fingers and connect them at the top with curved lines that are curved downwards. We pay great attention to the knees of the bird. They draw like a junction of two thin bones.
  2. All the wing is adorned with small feathers, the tips of which are directed downwards.
  3. On the neck of the bird many feathers should not be depicted,because to draw them like a real flamingo still will not work. In nature, in pink handsome on this part of the body, the feathers are very dense and give the impression of an absolutely flat surface.
  4. From the bird's eye to the beak it is worthwhile to draw the lines to subsequently leave this place of white color not decorated. This move as much as possible draws the flamingo to the original.

Everything, your drawing is ready. It remains only to give it the right shade.

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