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Ilya Prusikin, known in the blogging get-together asIlyich, was born on April 8, 1985 in Transbaikalia, on the border of the Russian Federation and China. Ilya managed to prove himself not only as a video blogger and musician, but he is also an actor, director, and also a script writer for many Internet projects.

How it all began

Ilya grew up an active boy and was very fond of sports: he was engaged in baseball and played in a football team. In addition, on a parent initiative as a child, he attended a music school and learned to play the piano. Prusikin also received a higher education at the Department of Psychology of the Psychological and Pedagogical Faculty of the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts.

When Ilya was a teenager, he moved withparents in St. Petersburg, where he later stayed and began working on various Internet projects, including the notorious "Gaffi Gafa Show", the series "Police Weekdays", as well as the "Great Rap Battles" and many others.

Ilya Prusikin

Internet career

In 2012, within the framework of cooperation with the platform"Thanks, Eva!" Ilya Prusikin was working on projects "Great Rap Battles" and "Gaffy Gough Show", which soon became very popular and gained the greatest number of views on the platform site. The projects were humorous, but under jokes there were serious problems of society and the vices of mankind.

After a while Ilya Prusikin spoke in thethe producer and actor of the Internet series called "Police Weekdays", in which the most famous Russian video bloggers took part: Ilya Maddison, Sam Nickel, the guys from the show "I like", the founder of popular Internet projects Yuri Degtyarev and many others. However, despite such a bright cast, sitkom failed to attract enough audience, and the project was soon closed.

After some time, Ilya joined thecooperation with blogger Eldar Jarakhov, which resulted in the creation of the project "Clickklak", on the YouTube channel which is now signed by more than 3.3 million people.

Ilya Prusikin Biography

Samples in music

Ilya turned out to be a very musical person andrepeatedly performed in the framework of some musical groups. In 2013, he became the ideological inspirer of the new group Little Big, the first clip which caused a big resonance in the Russian video blogging. Someone took the creativity of young people sharply negative, and someone laughed and appreciated the subtext and the desire of the guys to bring something to society.

Ilya is the founder and frontmana musical project called Little Big, which was created in 2013. In lyrics, Prusikin is not afraid to raise acute questions and social problems, which we have not yet spoken about. The music videos of the band are very provocative and contain 18+ content.

The collective has gained immense popularity not only inRussia, but also abroad, especially in Europe. And it all began from the moment when the guys were invited to perform in front of Die Antwoord. Now the group goes on tours not only on the territory of Russia, but also abroad.

Personal life

In July 2016, Ilya Prusikin married IraBold, also known as a blogger and music artist. And on July 20 this year it became known that Irina is pregnant, about which the couple reported in one of the videos on the girl's channel. After that, the photos of Ilya Prusikin and his wife Irina, who reported so joyful news, flew around all the famous publicity "Vkontakte" dedicated to "Youtube."

Ilya Prusikin photo

Ilya is active in his social network profiles, andyou can easily follow the life of a blogger by simply subscribing to his "Instagram" and the page "Vkontakte". Biography of Ilya Prusikin is full of interesting moments: both ups and downs. But even the difficulties in the process of creative search themselves did not stop Ilya, which led him, in the end, to achieve great success in his career. This person is a very bright and artistic person, as you can see by looking at Ilya Prusikin's photo.

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