How to draw a jar: step by step guide

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A glass jar is a versatile object.It is used to store cereals and jam, as a vase, as a decorative object in the interior. Each person has faced them once in his life. This article details how to draw a bank, and how to supplement a job.

how to draw a jar

What should I look for?

Before proceeding directly todrawing, it makes sense to carefully and thoroughly study the subject. Solving the question of how to draw a jar, it is first of all to decide what kind of variety it will be depicted. Glass jars for jam and tins with canned goods vary greatly in shape. Common and unique features of cans:

  • All banks are symmetrical.
  • Glass varieties have a neck.
  • Any jar can be opened - with the help of an unscrewing lid or can opener.
  • The lid of the glass jar can be of a different size compared to the diameter of the can itself.

Stages of work

Let's consider in detail how to draw a jar with a pencil:

  • We outline the general proportions - height, width.It is important to monitor the distances to the edge of the sheet. The sketch of the can should be commensurable with the size of the selected format. If the pot is too small, it will be lost on a large sheet and look ridiculous. In the event that the bank practically rests against the edge of the sheet, it seems that it is "cramped". Therefore, you need to monitor not only the size of the can itself, but also its position in the picture.
  • A neck and a lid are indicated.
  • The bottom of the can is round, because there is a circle in its base.
  • The cover is drawn - it can be high and embossed.
  • Add details - accents on the shadows, a small shading that will emphasize the volume of the can and lid.

 how to draw a jar with a pencil

Thus, the question of how to draw a bank can be considered resolved.

Drawing of tin cans

A can is an ordinary cylinder. Stages of work:

  • We outline the proportions and dimensions - width, height.
  • The bottom and top of the can have the same diameter and are depicted as ellipses.
  • The most interesting is to invent and drawlabel on the side. It is the distinctive feature of tin cans. It can be a drawing, an inscription or a combination of both. After the sketch is ready, it can be painted with pencils, felt-tip pens or paints.

Finish and complete the drawing

When a pencil sketch is ready, oftenthere is a desire to complete the work. As a result, I want to see a beautiful, colorful picture, and not just a sketch. That is, the question of how to draw a jar is complemented by the task of making this bank beautiful and aesthetically attractive. List of specific options and recommendations:

  • It is possible to present the jar as a vase and fill it with beautiful flowers.

    glass jar

  • Inside the transparent jar, you can draw berries, cucumbers, tomatoes, other vegetables.
  • Also interesting are stylish labels and amusing labels with inscriptions, for example "honey", "jam", "joy for the winter", "happiness for tea" and others.
  • A cozy picture for the kitchen will come out if you cover the lid with an openwork napkin and add a flirty bow (ribbon, lash, etc.).

So, the imagination of the artist is not limited to anything, and you can depict any jar with any content.

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