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A couple of years ago on the Russian stage appearednew artist - Natan. Biography brutal brunette with tattoos immediately interested girls who are fans of rap and hip-hop. Who is this cool guy? How did he manage to become part of the Black Star Mafia team? The answers to these and other questions are contained in the article.

Natan singer biography

Natan (singer): biography

Our hero today is a native of Kazakhstan. His real name is Nathan Mirow. The rap singer was born on March 17, 1986 in Almaty. From an early age he showed creative abilities. Being a schoolboy, Nathan composed poems and participated in amateur art.

His father and mother are middle class. They have nothing to do with art. Our hero went to music school when he turned 14. Someone will say that it's too late. But the boy quickly learned how to play the wind instruments.

In his teens, Nathan Mirow was carried away by rap. Parents did not understand and did not share his views. But they did not interfere with their son.

Natan biography personal life

Carier start

In 1999, no one knew who Natan was. His biography as a solo artist began to evolve later. And he made his first steps in musical development as part of the Syndicate group. In 2003, the team released their debut album, which was immediately sold to the Alma-Ata fans.

During its existence, the group experienceda lot of ups and downs. But these guys were able to achieve the main thing - love and respect for the public. In 2008, the group changed its name from the "Syndicate" to Fucke Lli Hustla. However, its composition remains the same.

Solo career

Natan, biography which we are now considering, in somethe moment realized that he could no longer act in the group. Since 2010, he worked on writing rap songs. Together with his brother, Nathan created a "pop-hop" style, combining two popular genres.

Moving to Moscow

Nathan Mirow dreamed of conquering Russia and the CIS countries. In 2013 he moved to Moscow and started building a musical career. Our hero knew what he could and what he deserved.

Casting in a new group

In 2013, the famous rapper Timati announcedthe creation of the Black Star Mafia. The main part of the team consisted of his friends working in styles R "n" B and hip-hop. In the capital, a casting for vacancies was announced. Nathan just could not miss this opportunity. And, I must say, luck has smiled to the charismatic guy from Kazakhstan. Of the thousands of applicants, only he and Ksenia Pavlova from Moscow approached the producers in all respects.

Natan biography

Career development

Today, Nathan's tracks are played in fashion clubs and onurban discos. And very few people know what path to success they had to do to their performer. In 2014, Nathan Mirow recorded several songs: "Just a Story," "The Girl Bomb" (with Timati), "Part of Me". Surely you've heard these songs.

But the most memorable track in the performance of Nathancalled "Hear, you're so bold?". It was recorded with the participation of the main character of Black Star Mafia, Timati. With this song, the rapper duo regularly perform in the fashion clubs of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The audience takes them to cheers and eagerly sings them.

Natan: biography. Personal life

Despite the brutal appearance and pleasantvoice, a 29-year-old rap artist has the status of a bachelor. He is not in a hurry to acquire a wife and children. While in the first place he has a career. In an interview with print media, Nathan Mirov repeatedly described his future lady. It should be feminine, economic and modest. Club girls, hunting for rich "daddies" - obviously not his option.


A talented positive guy with a sense of humor anda clear life position. And all this he is a popular rap singer Natan. Biography of one of the members of the Black Star Mafia team was discussed in detail by us. We wish the children creative success!

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