How to draw a ram beautifully? Step-by-step lessons

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Pencil drawing - very simple and affordableeach way to diversify their leisure time. With the help of the master's advice, you can learn how to represent anything on paper, from a space rocket to a sparrow. The technique of step-by-step drawing will be mastered by any beginner artist, even a child.

This article will teach you how to draw a ram in several steps.

What does this sweet animal look like?

Sheep - a cloven-hoofed animal, grows at the witherson average, up to 70 cm, in length its body has 90-100 cm. The body has an oval shape. Muzzle and ears are also oval at the base, and the muzzle is narrowed downwards. Lamb's legs are thin and long, there is a small tail behind. The whole body is covered with thick wavy hair.

Now, having an idea of ​​the appearance of the animal, you can go to the lesson how to draw a ram.

Drawing the basic elements

how to draw a ram

As a basis in the upper part of the sheet, you need to draw a large rectangle with rounded corners. Since this is the future lamb body, it should occupy 2/3 of the top of the paper.

In the upper right corner of the rectangle,to draw a small oval. This is the future head. Oval should not be placed on the trunk directly, but should be slightly inclined to the right to make the barrack realistic.

how to draw a ram in stages

Next, create a face. To do this, draw a small oval in pencil so that it overlaps the upper right side of the head of the sheep. To the bottom of the small oval-muzzle we add a small rectangle, directed downwards. The picture should look like an example.

draw a ram with a pencil

The next step of the lesson is how to draw a ram - legs. In the sketch, add 2 ovals on each side. Ovals must overlap each other and the rectangle-base, as shown in the figure, and slightly heel to the right.

how to draw a ram

Now, from the bottom of each oval (hip)thin elongated rectangle. From the bottom of each rectangle we add a small trapezoid, in each of which we add a small dash. Get a hoof.

Basis lamb is ready. On the sketch we see the trunk, muzzle and legs of the animal.

Next steps

Let's continue the lesson on how to draw a sheep. Step by step we will create a beautiful work.

how to draw a ram

It is necessary to clarify the picture by adding details. Let's start with the head. On both sides of the smaller muzzle oval, we will paint two very small elongated ovals for the image of the ears of the sheep.

In the left half of the muzzle in the middle, we draw the eye with the pupil in the manner shown in the example.

At the back in the upper left corner of the upper part of the large rectangle-trunk, we draw another geometric figure - a small ellipse, inclined down and slightly to the left. This is the image of the tail.

At this step, the sketch is completely ready. We pass to the last stage of creating a picture.

The momentous stage. Done!

how to draw a ram in stages

To make it beautiful to draw a ram,pencil must be depicted curly hair on the body. Draw it in the form of a lacy cloud that covers the entire body, 4 hips, tail and head, leaving only legs and face open.

If you carefully followed the advice of the master, then you should get a picture, as an example.

draw a ram with a pencil

Now let's draw a picture of naturalness. To do this, eraser remove all unnecessary auxiliary lines, clearly outline the contour, draw on the muzzle of the mouth and nostrils.

The lesson how to draw a ram is over. You have a very cute little lamb. If desired, it can be painted on howling taste, shading the back of the legs, stomach and hooves.

As you can see, it's quite easy to draw lamb. You should show a little more imagination, and the lamb can pinch the grass or lie on the meadow. Good luck!

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