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The manufacture of boats in most nations hasa long history. In the Egyptian culture, the first mentions date back approximately 2500 years before our era. On the territory of Russia, boats were found, hollowed out of oak logs. According to experts, they were manufactured more than 4000 years ago.

The first boats people made from a singlelogs. The masters sharpened one or both edges and hollowed out the hollow indentation inside. Most likely, just as now, a person realized that making something easier on sketches. He created his first drawings and carried out calculations.

Let's try to repeat the path of ancient civilizations, focusing only on the artistic part of the work.

how to draw a boat
Let's consider in detail how to draw a boat with a pencil, step by step, performing the stroke after the stroke.

To create a whole picture, it is better to take a picture or a photograph of the required object as the basis.

A painting depicting an ordinary boat, orWith a sail against the background of the sea, it is beautiful and from her wings reflective and dreamy. Such works of art reveal the hidden corners of the soul of the creator of his work.

Many novice artists are wondering how to draw a boat correctly and quickly. The answer is hidden in this article, read and learn.

You will cope with this task, in this you will be assisted by a step-by-step description of this work. No matter what and how you will draw, it is important that the image of the boat turns out neat and symmetrical.

How to draw a boat in stages

Step 1. The boat has exact proportions and strict symmetry. Therefore, the general image of the object depends on how you draw the first outlines. Draw an elongated oval, drawing the outlines with a pencil. Then inside the boat draw two straight lines - the crossbeams of the seat.

how to draw a boat in stages

Step 2. Draw one more oval, this will be the inner outline of the boat. In its form it should be similar to the first one. The right part should connect to the seats. On the left side of the edge of the seats should be placed the lines of the boat, below the second contour.

Step 3. We add some necessary elements of the picture. To make it more realistic, draw bent longitudinal boards. Draw them inside the boat. The first circuit will serve as a guide for drawing the front and back of the boat. Erase the eraser superfluous and primary contours.

Step 4: Draw the cross planks of the boat. Try to keep the edges of the same thickness.

Step 5. Draw the seats in detail, indicating the thickness in parallel lines.

Step 6. Add a picture of soft shadows using a simple pencil. Also, if you want, paint the boat with colored pencils. Now you understand how to draw a boat with a pencil quickly and correctly.

Boat details

You will need to represent the oars. Schematically, they can be depicted in the form of sticks with wide blades at the ends. As for the blades, they come in different shapes: rounded and rectangular. The corners of the rectangular shape of the oars may also be rounded. Draw the fasteners to the board. It is with their help during rowing that the oars are attached to the boat.

Necessary materials

In order to draw a boat, you will need to prepare the following tools and materials:
• white sheet of paper (you can use both a landscape sheet and special paper for beginners);
• A simple, well sharpened pencil;
• Eraser;
• several colored pencils;
• any solid, working surface.
A wooden boat has a large number of straight lines, you can use the ruler to make it easier.

Wooden boat

● Select the position from the top and a little laterally. To start drawing is better from the case. To do this, you need to draw a horizontal straight line at the bottom of the sheet of paper. This will be the bottom of the boat.

how to draw a boat in pencil
Just above it, draw a line in parallelfirst. Draw the top line, slightly longer than the bottom line. Then connect the upper left with the lower left line. Draw in the same way on the right side. In order to depict the part of the boat that is located behind and visible from the inside, draw a slightly rounded line from above.

● It is necessary to show in the figure what yourboat made of wood. Draw boards on the outside of the boat. Then draw horizontal straight lines. The closer to the bottom of the object, the width of the board should be somewhat thinner. Draw the boards inside the boat in the same way.
● Draw a line across the outside of the bodyin order to recreate the thickness of the tree. In the nearest part of the object, the line will need to be run inside the boat, and from the outer part of the line along the farther line. Inside the boat it is necessary to depict boards for seats: bow, stern and rowing.
● On the boat, you can also draw a mooringbeam. It must pass at the top along the entire perimeter of the shell. Especially for this, a little below the edge of the boat, draw two straight lines alongside. Carefully draw an outstanding angle of the beam.


Erase the eraser with extra help lines. Now look at your drawing. Perhaps not everything worked out well, but you tried. It is entirely permissible that your first attempt will be a "boat of antiquity", which opened the way to a beautiful sailboat today. Believe it, and a white sail will appear on the horizon.

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