The meaning of phraseology "through the stump of a pack", its origin

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Phraseological units are a real treasure in the Russian language. They help us to express our thought figuratively and at the same time accurately.

In this article, we will consider the meaning of phraseology "through the stump of a pack". We will enrich our lexicon with one more stable expression.

The meaning of phraseology "through the stump of a pack"

To more precisely define this expressionlet us turn to authoritative sources. In the explanatory dictionary of SI Ozhegov, the turnover "to cut through the stump of a pack" is revealed. The meaning of phraseology in it is to do something somehow, slowly and badly. There is a stylistic notation "razg.", Which indicates that this expression refers to the colloquial style.

the meaning of phraseology through the stump of a pack

What is the significance of this sustainablein a phrase dictionary? In this collection, edited by MI Stepanova, it is stated that this phrase is purely talkative. It means slowly, inaccurately, something to do.

Based on these interpretations, we can draw such a conclusion. The phraseology under consideration means poor, sloppy and slow execution of work. But how did this phrase come about?

The origin of expression

There are two main versions of how this phraseology has emerged. The first is connected with cutting down trees. It was difficult to drag the log through the stump.

through the stump of the deck the meaning of phraseology antonym

The second version is also connected with trees. Specifically - with the fact that walking on a borrel (forest, fallen down by a storm) is not so easy. Through the stump you can stumble on a rotten log. This is the etymology of expression. It is unlikely to clarify the meaning of phraseology "through the stump of the pack." But somehow this phrase implies bad work.

Synonyms and antonyms

A similar expression for thisphraseology is "over the sleeve". This steady turnover also characterizes somehow the work done. Also synonyms are such words and combinations of words as shalay-roll, as horrible, unwillingly, somehow, hack-work, left foot and others. With them coincides "through the stump of the pack," the meaning of phraseology.

The antonym for this expression - rolled up his sleeves. He describes a diligent, zealous approach to work.


The expression we are considering is still notis obsolete. Currently, it remains relevant, it is actively used in speech. It can be found in fiction, in the media, in everyday speeches.

The meaning of phraseology "through the stump of a pack" ispoor attitude toward work, sloppy labor, performance of duties reluctantly, slowly. Therefore, this expression is a frequent characteristic of someone's activity.

to bring down the meaning of phraseology through the stump of a pack

Sometimes people themselves say that they did the work "throughthe stump of a pack ", because they do not like it. This disapproving assessment of labor is contained in this phraseology. He figuratively conveys someone's reluctance to work, do his job well. It is brief and at the same time a demo. Therefore, sometimes instead of the usual words, in order to make a remark, to note a poor attitude towards work and poor-quality results, use this expression. It does not sound rude, but it contains all the characteristics of unwanted work.

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