Anton Makarsky. Biography of the actor and singer

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Anton Makarsky, biography
Anton Makarsky, whose biography will beconsidered in this article, is a talented actor of theater and cinema, a wonderful singer and an exemplary family man. His life seemed to have already been decided. His parents were actors, and the boy himself from the age of 8 acted on the stage. But being a rebel by nature, Makarsky tried many hypostases before realizing that cinema is his vocation. In this article, we will tell you more about the life of this amazing and beloved actor.

Anton Makarsky. Biography

November 26, 1975 in the city of Penza appeared on thelight Anton. He was the first child in the family, only after twelve years he had a little sister, and later one more. According to the relatives of Makarska, already from the youth the guy was the soul of the company, forced many people to reach out to him and literally bewitched himself. At first, Anton was confident that he would continue the glorious traditions of his family and become an actor in the third generation. For this reason he moved to Moscow and in 1993 entered the Shchukin Theater Institute. After his graduation in 1997, the future celebrity worked for some time at the Rozovsky Theater "At the Nikitsky Gate." But he got tired of this activity quickly, and he decided to join the army.

Anton Makarsky. Biography. Start
Anton Makarsky. Biography. Personal life

Already during the service Makarsky discovered in himselftalent of the singer, and he was sent to the Song and Dance Ensemble under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. After some time, after learning about the contest in the musical "Metro", Anton decides to try to get a role. Naturally, a talented guy is quickly noticed. He is given the first dramatic role. In 2002, Makarsky plays one of the main characters in the sensational musical "Notre Dame de Paris", writes a song to it together with Petkun and Golubev under the name "Belle", which almost instantly becomes a hit. About Anton is already spoken not only as a young talent in the acting environment, but also as the owner of a magical and captivating voice.

Anton Makarsky. Biography. The heyday of a career

Since 2002, Makarsky has been shooting in films"Love adventures", "Drilling". And in 2003 he was invited to the role of Prince Dolgoruky in the series, which was filmed by Russia and America, under the title "Poor Nastya." Hero of Makarsky - a young and ardent young man-a nook can not decide who is dearer to his heart: a serf girl or a noblewoman. Besides

Anton and Victoria Makarska, biography
the main role, Anton has the honor to sing the soundtrackto the TV series "I'm not sorry." The number of TV shows and films in which Makarsky starred is really great. Among them are Smersh, The Heart of Mary, Sins of the Fathers, Vangelia and so on.

Anton Makarsky. Biography. Personal life

His second half - Victoria Morozova,the beginning singer, the actor met on the samples to the musical "Metro". The girl had to work for the girl's heart for a long time, but he was stubborn and finally got his way. Vika became his wife, and in 2012 a young couple had a daughter, who was decided to name Maria. Anton and Victoria Makarsky, whose biography is full of many wonderful and interesting moments, live happily together taking part in many television projects.

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