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Today we will look at how to draw "GravityFalls "step by step. It's about the cartoon. Through this lesson, you can independently depict his main characters Wendy, Dipper and Mable. Let's consider their features separately.


how to draw gravity fols
Let's begin the solution of the question, how to draw "GravityFalls ", with the image of the main beauty of the cartoon. First of all, create the oval of Wendy's face. We divide it into zones. We mark the contour of the cap. Draw the hair. We proceed to the image of the face. Draw a nose, mouth, ears and eyes. Schematically represent the trunk. Clothes and hands draw in more detail. We add legs. We supplement them with shoes and trousers. Draw a place for sitting the girl. Choose a palette. We color first hair and body. Next, clothing items, as well as other items. Wendy is ready.


When deciding how to draw "GravityFalls ", you can not pass by another important character. It's about Mabel. We will now stage it step by step. Let's start with the image of the face oval. Next, we draw the body. We depict the hair. Draw a face. We depict the ears. Draw the collar. We depict clothes. Draw other elements. Colorize the created image. Mable is ready.


how to draw gravity fols step by step
When considering how to draw "GravityFalls ", we will not forget about the male character. It's about Dipper. We begin to draw it from the face oval. We depict the ears. Draw the details of the face. Proceed to the next step. Draw the cap. We depict the hair. We put the emblem on the cap. Draw clothes and body. We depict the legs. We supplement them with trousers. We depict various small elements. Choose the palette of the corresponding colors. We color our hero. That's all, our friend Dipper is ready. Now you know how to draw Gravity Falls. Above we outlined step-by-step instructions for depicting the main characters of the cartoon.

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