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Peacock is a wonder bird with a magnificent fluffycolorful tail. Her dream is to see "alive" both children and adults. What about drawing this bird? If you never took pencils, we will teach you how to draw a peacock. You do not need special knowledge or skills, we will provide you with a step-by-step image, which you will need to orient yourself to.

how to draw a peacock

How to draw a peacock in stages with a pencil

It's easier to draw a peacock than it seems. Even a child can cope with this if one step by step follows our master class. In the pictures for each stage you will see two colors: red and blue. Red is what you draw at this step, and blue is what you already have on paper. So, let's get down to the answer to the question of how to draw a peacock!

Step 1-st. The very beginning

Let's start with the image of a bird's body. It is small, in the form of a wrong oval. Then draw a line - the base for the neck, and at the end of it - a small circle - the head of the future peacock. Further outline the lower limit of the loose tail of the bird and carelessly draw two lines at the top - this is its upper limit. Add lines for the future legs of a peacock.

how to draw a peacock in stages with a pencil

Step 2-nd. Still preparing

Around our oval, draw a foundation for the lowera number of colorful peacock feathers. Next - draw a bird's neck and one wing, as shown in the picture below. Make your legs slightly more legible and draw a base for the second row of feathers. How to draw a peacock feather, will be told a little later. While we draw only preparatory lines for the future bird.

how to draw a peacock feather

Step 3-nd. Half is already behind!

So, you have passed almost half and practicallyknow how to draw a peacock. However, the most interesting is yet to come! Now you only need to draw an eye, a beak and lovely curls on the head of a peacock. It remains to add lines for the next row of feathers, and you can move on.

how to draw a peacock in stages with a pencil

Step 4-th. The smallest

In this step, you need to draw a little: lines for the last row of feathers and several curls around the peacock's body, as shown in the figure below. Note that the penultimate and last rows of feathers touch the lines that we drew back in the very first step. That's what they were for!

how to draw a peacock in stages with a pencil

Step 5-th. Important details

So, it's time to draw individual featherspeacocks, which are also called "eyes". See how it is done in the picture below and repeat the same way. Draw a straight line, then a circle, which you need to "dress" in small feathers. Inside the circle, you need to draw a couple of curls.

how to draw a peacock in stages with a pencil

Step 6-th. We admire the result

Your peacock bird is almost ready! It remains to remove the unnecessary lines that we used to make it easier to draw and paint a wonder bird! If you do not know what colors you can use, look at the first image in this article. This should be your bird in the end.

how to draw a peacock in stages with a pencil

Now you know how to draw a peacockpencils. It turns out that it's very simple! We hope that the lesson for you was accessible and understandable. Draw with pleasure and, maybe, you will discover new talents!

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