How to draw Mickey Mouse? We'll find out!

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Mickey Mouse - this is one of the first characters of WaltDisney. He invented this funny, sweet mouse in the early twentieth century. Animated hero very quickly won the hearts of people and became a universal favorite.


Employees of a small film studio immediately made ithis talisman. Today, he remains one of the most popular characters: everyone without exception knows how he looks. Children who watch cartoons about the mouse, often ask their parents about how to draw Mickey Mouse. It remains only to teach young artists this skill.

This hero is really very popular, andnow it is not only the character of a beautiful cartoon, but also an independent brand: clothes, dishes, shoes, toys - these are not all items on which there is Mickey Mouse. One Disneyland of what it costs! The original talisman of the studio is quite small. His height is only 70 cm, and weight 11 kg.

So, let's analyze the main points. It's impossible to draw Mickey Mouse without his red panties, yellow boots and black gloves on his hands, because he is always dressed alike. A distinctive feature of the character are his big ears. And of course, this little mouse is constantly smiling, embodying a child's happiness. Quite often the companion of our hero is no less legendary Minnie Mouse. Usually her wardrobe is a red dress in white peas and elegant shoes. Given how popular these characters are, many want to know how to draw Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie.

Possible difficulties

how to draw a mickey mouse
The process of depicting the legendaryThe animated character is pretty simple. In addition, it will give you a lot of pleasant moments, briefly returning you to childhood. Even if you do not have any experience in drawing, there will still be no difficulties, because the character is two-dimensional, therefore, you do not need to apply shadows.

Below we describe how to draw Mickey Mouse in stages, but there are a couple of points that need to be explained in advance.

First - in the second action, the contour of the head of our character will need to be slightly changed when we begin to draw his ears.

The second - in the third act. Part of the trunk of our beloved cartoon hero will have to be erased in order to draw his left hand from above.

We need: a blank sheet of paper, simple pencils, an eraser, red, yellow, black paint, brushes, a jar and water.

how to draw a mickey mouse in stages
After sketching out the plan for drawing Mickey Mouse in pencil, you need to decide on its size and location on the sheet, and then you can start sketching.

Action first

We outline the outline of our toon, which consists of six circles of different sizes.

The second action

You need to draw the shape of the character's head, eraseline in the place of joining the head and ears and connect their contours with smooth lines. Then draw the face itself. It's easy, but neatness does not hurt. Do not forget about the corporate smile of our hero.

Action third

Now proceed to the image of the body and handsmouse. Hands should be placed on each side. Do not forget that he wears gloves. Draw the buttons on the panties. In the image of Mickey Mouse there are no unimportant trifles, you need to pay attention to every detail.

how to draw a mickey mouse pencil

Step Four

Draw the legs, shod in the shoes. And, of course, we can not leave our character without a thin and flexible tail. Dorisovyvayem and it.

Step Five

Let's move on to coloring. When choosing colors, you need to pay attention to the fact that they must be bright and warm. Panties mice are painted in red, shoes - yellow, and gloves and part of the body, of course, in black.

A small conclusion

Now you know how to draw Mickey Mouse. Create, surprise your kids!

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