How to draw AK-47 in pencil? Let's consider all stages

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Kalashnikov's automatic rifle for his historyexistence has broken all records. For example, almost a quarter of all small arms that exist today on the planet, refers to the AK and its various modifications. This machine is in service with the armies and subdivisions of the internal troops of the largest number of countries. Unfortunately, in sad statistics on the number killed from it in military conflicts and terrorist attacks, he also leads. But it's not about that. And not even about its technical characteristics, which have been considered one of the best in the world for more than half a century. Today we will consider only the aesthetic aspect of the issue - its extraordinary and expressive appearance. And at the same time we learn how to draw AK-47 on paper. This legendary weapon certainly deserves such attention.

A bit of theory

Before you draw an AK-47, consider its device. To portray it believable, we need at least superficial knowledge of its main parts.
AK-47 has a wooden butt, a characteristic curved horn, a short trunk with a fly. The shape of the butt is an important detail for the artist, it distinguishes this model from the "brethren".

How to draw AK-47 in pencil step by step? Basic Steps

  1. Draw the marking lines. Do not put pressure on the pencil too much, we will then delete the auxiliary lines. The appliance is lowered down at a slight angle, the trunk of AK-47 is very short, this must be given special attention.
    how to draw ak 47
  2. Draw the main parts of the machine. We detail the trunk.
    how to draw ak 47 in pencil
  3. We pass to the other parts. The stock is given a more rounded shape, we draw a notch on its upper part. On the horn, draw the longitudinal lines, characteristic of this model AK. Between the handle and the horn is the trigger and fuse.
    how to draw automaton
  4. Before drawing AK-47, we decided to apply auxiliary lines without strong pressure. So now we can easily remove them with an eraser. The main lines, on the contrary, we will draw, we will make more clearly.

how to draw a Kalashnikov rifle

The final stage

How to draw AK-47, we learned. Now let's make the picture more realistic. At this stage we will need simple pencils M and 2M, eraser. Using the softest pencil draw the deepest shadows, we do feathering. The usual soft pencil is useful where you need to establish clear lines - for example, on the slits of a horn. Using an eraser, we apply a few highlights on the convex parts. This will add a volume drawing.

How to draw

Done! You can brag to your friends realistic depiction of the legendary weapon.

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