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One of the biggest film franchisesthe epic "Star Trek", in the original the name of the film - "Startrek". Actors of the first ribbon still remain famous because of their participation in the film history.

The universe of "Star Trek"

Kinopovest has six televisionmultiseries and thirteen full-length projects. Also, there are many books written on the movie screen, and computer games. At one time, "Startrek" created a whole subculture, which continues to exist until now. According to the latest data, in the US there are about 600 fan clubs, numbering more than 1000 people. Well-chosen actors and roles in the films "Star Trek" may have caused the colossal success of the story.

Original franchise

In 1966, the premiere of a multi-series"Startrek". At the moment he is more famous with the subtitle "Original TV series". The author of the idea was Jean Roddenbery. He always believed that people can change and make their world perfect. It was this dream that the director and screenwriter put on the TV series. The project tells of a distant future, where mankind has stepped on a new level not only of science, but also of morality. Now there is not a single war on the planet. Absolutely all people are equal and live in the same conditions. Everyone is working hard at work, hoping to make the planet even better. At the same time, the world economy has also changed, people no longer use money.

movie starter actors

In the center of history is the captain of the spaceof the Enterprise ship Kirk. Together with his team, he travels through galaxies and often gets involved in alterations. Producers tape for a long time tried to persuade Roddenbury to change the idea of ​​the series, because they were afraid that he would not be successful. The fact that the audience would not approve of the presence in the tape of a positive Russian hero, a black woman in high office, as well as an alien with a strange appearance. Jean refused to change his story - and was right. Of course, the premiere of "Star Trek" was not very successful, but during re-shows it was very popular with the public. Fans even started to write letters to the company of the creators, asking for continuation.

The first full-length project was "Startrek: Film. "The actors in the tape were used the same as in the original series, the film was released in 1979. The main roles were performed by William Shetner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelly, and James Duen, Nichelle Nichols, George Takes. This time the team of Captain Hook went to a five-year research mission.The action of the tape takes place in 2264-2269.

The second film "Star Trek", actors in whichremained the same, became the tape "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan." In the center of the story is Captain Kirk, experiencing a midlife crisis. He receives a signal from the planet Alpha 5 about the appearance of his old enemy. Do not hesitate, the main character collects his team and goes in search of the villain.

"Star Trek" (2009)

In 2002, franchise ratings began to fall sharply.The creators of the story thought about closing the project, but did not want to do it, because for many years the epic brought great profits. Then the studio decided to restart the stories. The only problem in creating the tape was the fact that the fans of the story would not approve a significant change in the franchise, which means that the picture would be doomed to failure. Soon the writers found a solution to this issue, and already in 2009 the restart of the entire history took place.

film starterk actors and roles

A new film, "Startrek", the actors in which were involved completely different, told a story about how the members of Kirk's team met and decided to unite.

"Star Trek: Into Darkness"

The new version of "Star Trek" was so popularviewers that the studio decided to release the second part of the story. The actors of the film "Star Trek: Retribution" were also happy to continue working on the project. The roles of the young captain Kirk and Spock were performed by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto respectively. Also in the film starred Zoe Saldana, Carl Urban, Eric Bana.

the movie starred retribution

The main characters of the film story will face Nero, a villain from the planet Romulus, who is transported in time to destroy the Federation.

"Startrek: Infinity"

In 2016, fans of the "Star Trek" were able towill enjoy the third film "Star Trek: Infinity". The actors remained the same and successfully continued the franchise. Now they are preparing to work on a new part of history.

Starter infinity movie actors

This time the protagonists of the picture face a previously unknown force that can destroy the entire device of the universe.

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