How to draw a lip. Instruction for beginners

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The mouth is an integral part of the human face.With its help, food comes to us, mouths we can taste, we can talk. But the mouth itself covers lips, the drawing of which often causes difficulties for novice artists. In this article, you will find a wonderful instruction on how to draw your lips with a pencil. This is much easier than it seems at first glance. Here, the front lip pattern is considered. Experiment and try to paint your lips yourself in other angles. This is remarkable for the ability to see the object from different angles. But let's not go deep into the theory. Let's get started.

how to draw lips

Step 1. Let's start the sketch from the sketch.It must accurately reflect the shape, size and fullness of the lips, observing the proportions, and remember, we are learning how to draw the lips of a person. If it is more convenient for you, make only outlines. They are easier to fix, if something does not suit you. Also, do not put too much pressure on the pencil. By the way, to draw a sketch, the pencil of medium hardness (HB) or soft (H or 2H) is best. Sketch such a sketch so that the upper and lower lips are clearly visible. As a rule, the upper lip is smaller and more curved, while the lower one is bigger and denser. Make a few strokes on the lips to indicate where the wrinkles will be.

how to draw a man's lips

Step 2. Start lightly darkening (toning) the lips.Try to have more white on the area in the middle of the lips (especially on the lower lip). This is the surface on which light is reflected. To denote such places, there is a special term - "glare". This is the brightest spot in the picture.

how to draw a pencil lips

Step 3.Due to the fact that there are a lot of wrinkles and microcracks on the lips, it's quite problematic to draw them. First, it is necessary to impose uneven chaotic strokes to show the structure of the lips. Secondly, you can not tint the highlight. If you still shaded it, gently brighten this area with an eraser. When correcting the pattern with an eraser, make uniform movements in one direction and do not rub too much. So you do not ruin the paper structure, and the drawing will look clean. By the way, do not worry if you paint over some creases. Just keep hitting.

how to draw lips

Step 4. Continue to tone your lips.To make them seem softer, you can shade the graphite with your finger or a small soft cloth. Repeat the second and third steps until the result satisfies you. By the way, it's better to try to draw a couple of separate lips before you "attach" them to the face. This will help you train, and the finish pattern will be more attractive. Here, in fact, and the whole secret of how to draw the lips of a man, so that they seemed more realistic.

how to draw lips

Step 5: Add the details.To make the folds more distinct, draw with a softer pencil. Also, do not make the wrinkles too dark, it is better to make others lighter. To do this, use the eraser. Cut it diagonally to create an acute angle. So it will be more convenient for you to erase or correct small details.

how to draw lips

Step 6. It's time to darken the area around the mouth.As a rule, under the lower lip is a darkened area (the fuller the lip, the more it is darkened). Also, the place between the lower and upper lip is much darker than the wrinkles on the lips. In addition, the "septum" between the mouth and nose is slightly darker than the skin of the face (because of this, the picture gives the impression of volume).

how to draw lips

Congratulations, now you know how to draw lips correctly. Creative successes to you!

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