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Before talking about how to draw a horse with wings, it is worth considering with their variety. Horses with wings are very common in fairy tales.

Types of winged horses

One of these horses is Pegasus. According to legend, it originated from the drops of the blood of Medusa-Gorgon. As you know, Perseus cut off her head. There is another legend about the origin of Pegasus. Allegedly it is the fruit of Poseidon's connection with the Gorgon. As stated in the Greek legends, it was Poseidon who created the horses. Pegasus flies so fast that it can exceed the speed of the wind.

how to draw a horse with wings
This is a very beautiful creature with a horse's body andhuge wings. Catching Pegasus is impossible. Is that a gold bridle. After the birth of Pegasus soared so high that he got to Zeus, who began to serve, bringing thunder and lightning on his wings. When Athena gave Bellerophon a gold bridle, he put it on Pegasus, and then defeated the Chimera.

Another species of horse with wings -Unicorn. Outwardly, it almost does not differ from Pegasus, but it has a horn coming from the forehead. The unicorn is larger than the horse. The horn, in comparison with the body, is small. In case of danger, these creatures can attack using their weapons. After the colonists realized that it was impossible to curb the Unicorn, they considered that they were abnormal horses, and began to shoot them. Therefore, these graceful creatures are very few.

The hippogriff has the head and wings of the eagle, and the body -horses. He is distinguished by his intelligence and curiosity. Hippogriff with pleasure communicates with people who managed to meet with him, but still prefers freedom. You can meet the Hippogriff in the dense forests.


Now consider how to draw a horse with wings. You need to start with ovals for the head, muzzle and trunk. On the place where there will be wings, it is necessary to depict two arcs.

how easy it is to draw a horse
Then you can start drawing the legs. You need to draw straight lines. Place the knees and hoofs with ovals. You can begin to draw a contour muzzle. Now we add ears, eyes, mouth and nostrils. We make a bending neck. In place of a large oval, we paint the trunk. You can begin to draw the legs and wingspan. Add feathers to the wings, which should be large enough. Since Pegasus is a strong animal, it is worth putting shadows on the chest and legs. Now you can take the colored pencils and decorate the resulting picture.

Unicorn with wings

In order to draw a horse with wings andhorn, it is necessary to start, as in the previous case, with ovals for the head and other parts of the body. We connect ovals lines. The contours of the trunk, legs and muzzle should be further traced. Draw the right eye, if the unicorn stands sideways, and the mane. You can start drawing horns. The contour of the body of the horse must be traced in a thick pencil. The horn can be painted like a screw. To do this, just hold diagonal strips along it. On the feet you need to finish the hooves. For greater realism, you can add shadows. You can take on the coloring of the Unicorn. So, we figured out how to draw a horse with wings. You can proceed to the image of a normal animal.

a horse with wings and a horn


Here we will talk about how easy it is to drawhorse. First you need to draw three circles, two of which - will be the trunk. Draw them you need about the same size. The third circle is smaller. It will be a head. All three figures are connected by lines. Next, you need to draw out the contours of the head, legs and neck. In order to depict the neck, you only need to draw another line to the already existing line, only from the upper side. Draw a small circle in the place where the horse's muzzle ends. Next, draw a contour of the front legs. Below, draw small triangles. They will be hooves. Hind legs should be drawn so that they bend slightly back. The next step is to see whether the proportions are correctly observed. If everything is in order, then you can delete the extra lines. Now it remains to draw the tail and all details of the muzzle: ears, eyes, nostrils. A ready horse can not be painted, but just properly shaded. The areas on the left side should be darker than on the right.

how to draw a horse for beginners

Horse's head

How to draw a horse for beginners? For this it is necessary to consider a photograph of the animal properly. For those who first decided to draw a horse, it is better to start with one head in profile. The horse's head is represented by a trapeze, tapering downwards. Next, you should draw a brow, which ends in the middle of the muzzle. We depict the lower jaw and cheekbone. Next, we plan the neck. The ears are represented in the form of petals. Mark the nostrils of the horse, you need to draw a small oval. We are planning a mouth and an eye. All the resulting sharp corners must be rounded and erased unnecessary details. Next, you should put a few lines for the outline of the skull. Accurately shade the head of the horse. With a pencil, you need to darken the drawing in several places. To indicate the darkest places, you can take a pencil even softer. On the horse's eye it is necessary to leave a small highlight to make the look more alive. So, we got to know several ways how to draw a horse with wings, with a horn or an ordinary animal.

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