List of radio online: what can you listen to today?

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List of radio that you can listen to online,today is great. There are as many stations on the Internet as before in the usual, more familiar broadcast. However, it should be noted that the list of online radio is replenished regularly, and to date they are becoming more popular.

List of radio


It is worth noting the fact that listening toonline radio stations - it's very convenient. Sometimes the repertoire, which is available in the home play list, gets bored, and there is nowhere to look for new music or simply no time. But how without it? Here everything is simple. It is enough only to find a list of radio on the Internet and put on listening to one of the stations you liked. It can be done anywhere and anytime, at least from the phone, even from the laptop. The main thing is to have access to the worldwide network.


It should be noted that with the improvement of quality, aAlso with increasing Internet speed you can listen to any radio station. This is much more convenient than listening to a standard FM receiver. What are the main features of online radio? It should be noted that because of what many people make their choice in his direction, this is the absence of interference that constantly interferes with the air. It is impossible not to note the simplicity of listening, if again to compare with conventional radio receivers. Still it is necessary to remind, that the list of radio stations is simply huge. Making a choice in the direction of the online broadcast, a person deprives himself of limitations. Now you do not need to choose from the meager number of stations that broadcast only in the city where the listener is. And, of course, another plus that is appreciated by avid music lovers is the opportunity to find the music broadcast of absolutely any genre direction.

Most popular stations

List of online radio

Everybody knows Radio Record. One of the most popular ethers in Russia. He translates music of various dance styles, and it is he who gives the opportunity to listen to the latest novelties of this genre. The air is played exclusively by hits, and a big blow is made, naturally, to rhythmic music. This channel is in demand among young people. But Avtoradio is the broadcast, which is in demand mainly by older people, as it broadcasts music from the distant 80's and 90's. And, of course, Europa Plus is a radio, which is also one of the most popular in Russia, and indeed in many countries. If you want to enjoy both modern hits and compositions that passed through time, then this ether is what you need. It can be considered a truly universal radio, which will please many.

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