Walkthrough: How to draw a girl in pencil

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Drawing is a great pastime and wayself-expression, which reflects the rich inner world of man. Many art lovers feel that they can draw as well as some specialists, but they need a clue how to start drawing to make it happen. In this case, step-by-step guide will help. For example, how to draw a girl in pencil.

how to draw a girl in pencil

The interests of people vary.Some people like the style of anime, others - abstraction, the third - fantastic cartoon images, etc. This page will show the basic principles of a realistic image of a female body.

You will need:

- soft pencil (2 m or 4 m);

- pencil sharpener;

- The eraser;

- a solid sheet of paper (for drawings).

Planning a picture

Draw a figure of a girl, like any other, you must immediately at once. In the visual arts in general - every drawing begins with his plan.

Little children to draw a girl,begin with the head, dorisovyvayut eyes, nose, mouth and then move on, gradually filling the picture with new details. They do not understand very well what is wrong in their drawings, why can not they, like artists? It's all about proportions and vision of the whole picture. Often, this manner of painting with age does not change and interest in drawing a person falls. But, believe me, there are no mediocre people!

draw a girl

Draw a girl with a pencil, drawing at onceparts, not possible. Apply several vertical and horizontal lines, schematically indicating the location of body parts. You will immediately notice if the proportions are observed, and make appropriate corrections.

Of no small importance is the pose. Pay attention to this.

Take a note

The average body height of an adult person is seven times the length of the head. The body has a length of 2-3 "head", the rest - the length of the legs.

Emphasize the main body shapes

At this stage of the lesson, how to draw a girlpencil, use the knowledge of geometry, and with the help of ovals, rectangles, triangles and just dashed lines, by lightly pressing the pencil, we will outline the shape of the parts of the body.

draw a girl

Look at the intersecting lines in the face area - they set the direction of rotation of the head and look.

Draw outlines

Round the contours of your sketch with smooth lines. The image of the girl became realistic, is not it?

draw a girl in pencil

Display details

It's time to draw clothes and features.On the horizontal line of the head, at an equal distance from the vertical, draw your eyes. Below, on a vertical line - the nose, lips and chin. On the contour of the oval - mark the hairline and ears.

draw a girl

As you can see, it's not hard to draw a girl. With a confident click on the pencil, circle the main lines of the picture, and erase the secondary lines.


To draw a girl with a pencilyourself, at first do not use the services of a living model, use a photo or a clip from the magazine. Another couple of such drawings, and you will feel confident.

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