How to draw a soldier

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The complexity of the soldier's image

how to draw a soldier
Many children love military-themed toys,They are especially popular among soldiers. But to draw a soldier will require a lot of perseverance and assertiveness, especially if you have never done this before and just want to try your hand at depicting a soldier. In general, it is considered that drawing a person is a very ungrateful undertaking. Here you need to take into account all the details, the scale relative to this or that background, the proportions of the parts of the body, the head. Details of the face and much more. Before you understand how to draw a soldier correctly, you need to work out several skills. First of all, it is necessary to learn how to correctly represent the eyes, body, face, facial expressions, movements. All this requires separate working hours. Soldiers, as we know, have their own personal uniform, weapons, physique, and sometimes even in the face we can understand whether a man served in the army or not. The soldier we used to see in brave poses, ready at any second to move to the enemy. Their faces often express courage and courage. Now we will gradually understand how to draw a military soldier. To do this, you need to get a little patience, remember your entire experience of depicting a person, and, of course, imagine what your soldier will be like.

How to draw a soldier? Step-by-Step Actions

So, step one. First, we use circles and ovals, as well as straight lines, to outline all the most important areas of the body. That is, we will show schematically the soldier's pose, his armament, the proportions of his body, while he does not have a face and other body details.

how to draw a soldier
At the second stage we will work with the person - we will correctoval, we'll draw a chin, its shape, which will have to give a proper character to a person. Next, draw the superciliary part. We will isolate the ears, nose, eyes, mouth. After we understand the face, you can go to the form that surrounds his body.

To give the soldier the necessary appearance and not to make himlike a cook or a policeman, you need to know exactly what a soldier's uniform looks like. To do this, you need to see the details of the weapon, which will be in the hands of the soldier, his headdress, shoulder straps, camouflage. Here we gradually move on to the details of the body. Draw one, then the other hand, the military soldier's jacket, his bag, the location of pockets and buttons.

Having dealt with the details of our soldier's body, we pass to the legs and pants. For the legs you need to come up with a pose that would tell about this soldier. In the end we draw shoes.

draw a soldier
At the final stage, we simply erase everythingunnecessary zones on the face, details of the body, as well as much that remains superfluous. And in principle, everything is ready. Now you know how to draw a soldier. Believe me, you will succeed, even if you do not have such an experience. And in the future you will know how to draw a soldier in a very simple and affordable way, without even having any important tools at hand. Drawing the military, if you include the imagination, will be a simple and quite entertaining affair. If you still practice this, you can later depict real soldiers. All your skill depends on how willing you are to give this business.

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