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The "Play the Harmon" TV program is stillis popular with the older population. Its founder, Gennady Zavolokin, died more than fifteen years ago. Now his children Anastasia and Zakhar Zavolokin are on tour around the towns and cities of Russia, as well as on the settlements of the near abroad. The biography of the latter is most interesting and carefully hidden. He does not have official pages in social networks and in electronic encyclopedias.


Zakhar was born in Novosibirsk. It is there that the family lives to this day. With this city, Zavolokin has a lot to do. Zakhar and Anastasia grew up there, and the first program "Play the accordion, beloved" was filmed in the Palace of Culture of Railway Workers. At that time, Zahar was barely seven years old.

zahar zavolokin biography

Before working on television his father was engaged incomposer activity and worked as an ordinary artist in the philharmonic society. All his childhood was associated with television and folk ensembles, so the question of where to go to study and what to do, was not in life. Zakhar Zavolokin, whose biography is related to art, firmly decided to continue his father's business in his youth.

At the age of 14 he began to work as a member of the crewbrigade. To professionally grow and help the family, he entered the Kemerovo Institute of Culture and graduated with a degree in Operator-Director. Most of the life of Zakhar Zavolokin, whose biography is described in this article, helped in the creation of the television program. He traveled with his father and sister in small towns. Zakhar continues to work on this project at the present time.

How did the death of his father Zakhar Zavolokin

Biography, family and personal life - these conceptshave receded into the background. Time seems to have stopped for a while. In the middle of the year in a terrible accident, Zakhar's father perishes. It happened on a warm summer evening, the family was resting at the dacha where the cellular communication did not work. Zakhar took Gennady to the next village for bread and make several calls. Zavolokin already returned back when out of nowhere appeared "Moskvich", not wanting to give way (at the time of the accident, the father and son drove through a renovated bridge with a one-lane traffic).

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Zavolokin Zakhar Gennadievich, whose biographyis given in this article, according to data from medical workers received an open fracture. In a state of shock, he tried to walk and even pulled his father out of the car and found a man ready to take them to the hospital. In one of the interviews he tells that the father began to pray on the way to the district medical institution. At that moment, Zakhar realized that this was the end. From the injuries Gennady died literally in his arms.


In parallel with the telecast, the ensemble developed«Chastushka». His first soloists were Alexander and Gennady Zavolokin. The team is still moving along with the crew. In the photo Zakhar Zavolokin, whose biography is closely intertwined with folk art, performs along with the ensemble. Of course, most of the songs are performed by Anastasia, but Zahar also has a worthy repertoire and a lot of admirers.

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In the ensemble plays a lot of family members Zavolokin. They were carefully selected by Zakhar's father. He chose those who sing with a soul and can boast of talent. If there were no data to perform on stage, the family member found a different occupation. They say that accounting, for example, in the nineties, Mama Zakhara and Anastasia were engaged.

Play, accordion favorite!

The most important business of the family, of course, istelecast. One of its leading in our day is Zahar Zavolokin, whose biography is not advertised anywhere. Therefore, a full idea of ​​what kind of person he is, can be compiled from publications in the media and the stories of those participating in the shootings. Many say that during the filming and selection for them Zahar keeps a little to the side, giving the opportunity to choose a younger sister.

In 2016, Zavolokin, Jr., as part of the programagain made a report from an international festival, which was held in honor of his father. He is also the administrative director of this event. In July this year near Novosibirsk he again gathered guests from all over the world performing folk music. The speeches lasted a whole week, and the 11th event commenced on the day of the death of the elder Zavolokin. Since that terrible date, 15 years have already passed.

What Zakhar Zavolokin does now: biography, personal life and creative plans

The personal life of the artist can be tracked bypublications in the media. Until 2004, a man was actively wooed. His sister often jokingly dropped the phrase that Zahar needed a wife than embarrassed him. The fact is that a really talented man for a long time could not find his one - the one that would share his passion for music and was ready to accompany him on business trips or wait for the return. Now he has a beautiful and modest wife for her husband - Elena. It is known that the couple already had two daughters, the eldest of whom was called Zlatai.

zahar zavolokin biography personal life

To continue the work of his father, Zaharuses different ways to popularize folk music. Twice a year, he and his sister publish the magazine "Play, accordion", where the youngest Zavolokin is responsible for photo-reports and layout. He also writes CDs and DVDs with speeches and shootings, but retail chains do not want to distribute them. For his contribution to culture Zaraz received the title of Honored Artist.

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