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The middle of the twentieth century gave us a hugethe number of amazing actors, many of which continue to delight the audience with their multifaceted roles. But there are individuals who remember their immortal creations. A delightful actress, who, alas, left this world, is Alena Bondarchuk. The biography of this amazing woman is 47 years old. What were these short but rich years?

biography of Alena Bondarchuk

Childhood actresses

Biography of Alena Bondarchuk began in the lastthe day of July 1962. It was on this sunny day that a wonderful girl was born in the family of Sergey Bondarchuk (a famous director, screenwriter and actor) and his wife Irina Skobtseva (famous actress), whom her parents wished to name Olesya. However, at the insistence of her grandmother, the little girl was christened Elena. Due to the fact that the girl did not like the name herself, she became Alena. So it was called to the very end - Alena Bondarchuk. In addition to the girl, the family had a sister and a brother. The first - Natalia Bondarchuk - is a talented director. His brother's name is Fedor. He gained tremendous popularity after his first film "9th Company" was shot. By the way, it was in this picture that the actress's son, Konstantin Kryukov, made his debut.

The early biography of Alena Bondarchuk resembled a racefor knowledge. English lessons, music lessons, instilling love for art - a little girl did not have a minute of free time. When there were no parents at home, their grandmother was engaged in raising children.

The debut of the girl as an actress took place in 1978,when the young lady turned 16 years old. Then the military drama "Velvet Season" came out on the screens. The director of this work was Vladimir Pavlovich. This tape showed the viewer a young talented actress, who successfully played the younger daughter of Richard Bradveri - Betty.

alyona bondarchuk biography cause of death

Youth and acting

In the early 80's biography of Alena BondarchukReplenished with a list of successful roles in the movie. Studying the acting skills in the Moscow Art Theater School, the girl already managed to take part in the shooting of the painting "The Living Rainbow", directed by her own sister. Then, one after another, the roles in the tapes "Come free", "Parisian lady" and "Time and family Conway" followed.

In 1986, the actress's father releasesa historical film "Boris Godunov", where Alena played Princess Xenia. This picture was a debut as an actor and a girl's brother. He appeared in front of the audience as Tsarevich Fedor.

Growing up and becoming

Then the biography of Alena Bondarchuk fills uptheatrical "smell". Roles in the movie go into the background. The girl concentrates her efforts on performances at the Pushkin Theater. However, the actress did not stop there. After a while she moved to the theater named after the Moscow City Council. In the late 90's, Alena became the leading actress of the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky.

In the early 90's the girl again started working in the cinema. Her father began to film the novel "Quiet Flows the Don." On the screens this creation was released only in 2007.

alyona bondarchuk biography

Fantastic pictures "St. Petersburg-Cannes -express "," Amber wings "," I'm staying "," Dear Masha Berezina "and many others - it's all left to us in memory of a wonderful actress, whose name is Alena Bondarchuk. Biography, the cause of death, family and creativity of the actress - all this is interesting to fans. Sister Fyodor Bondarchuk died of a cancerous tumor on November 7, 2009. While the tapes with Alena's participation are popular, the actress lives. In our thoughts, experiences and hearts.

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