The series "Real boys": actors. Biography of Kolyan, Vovan and Antokhi

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Who does not know the three inseparable friends with the "Permianaccent "- Kolyan, Vovan and Antokha? But not everyone knows who they are in real life - the actors of the series "Real boys"? Biography of the most ridiculous and sincere children of Russia - in our article.

real boys actors

"Cool guys"

This is a comedy series, conceived by the formerKVNschikami. The picture, originally shot on an amateur camera in the "pilot" mode, was a resounding success not only in Perm, but also among viewers throughout Russia. In all, at the moment we have seen the light of 5 seasons of the series.

actors from real boys biography

Nikolai Naumenko

The actor playing the role of Kolyan, always fallingin all sorts of stories thanks to his close friends, and the name is Nikolai Naumenko. However, all the actors from the "Real Boys", whose biography is set out in this article, carry real names and surnames. Nikolai was born in 1982 in the city of Perm in a military family. Refusing to follow in the footsteps of his father, he entered the local pedagogical university to study for a teacher of foreign languages. Already on a student's bench I got carried away by KVN, began to play in the composition of the Higher League. It was then that the image of a simple Perm guy Kolyan in a sports suit appeared on the stage. Since then, Nicholas periodically appears on the big screen. True, at first these were only episodic roles, such as the role of an inspector of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate in one of the series of the painting Mongoose. However, the fame of Naumenko was brought by "Real boys". Actors, whose biography is associated with this series, from the first episodes liked the audience of the whole of Russia. Kolyan, of course, among them. According to Nicholas himself, this role is very suitable for him, since many of the actions of the protagonist are understandable to him. Today Naumenko is a successful actor, entrepreneur and sportsman with experience. He's serious about snowboarding. In the personal life of the actor is also all right - he is married and happy in marriage.

actors of the series real boys biography

Vladimir Selivanov

"Unhurried" Permian guy Vovan, notsuccessful with women, became known through the series "Real boys". Actors, whose biography is closely intertwined with this picture, all come from the Perm region. Vladimir Selivanov is also no exception. He was born in the city of Lysva, which is located near Perm. He spent his childhood in his native town, and after graduation decided to become a director and entered the Perm Institute of Art and Culture. Like Nikolai Naumenko, in his student years carried away by KVN. I played in the team "Stapler". The next step in the creative career of Vladimir was the "Kamedi Club". On stage, he appeared with future colleagues in the film, friends Anton (Antokha) and Stanislav (Edik). But the glory, of course, was brought by "Real boys". Actors, whose biography is disclosed in this article, together decided to make a film about simple guys with real character traits and eccentricities. Of course, Vovan from the movie and actor Vladimir Selivanov has a lot in common, but this uncommunicative character in life is very uninhibited and artistic person. He is not only a talented actor, but also a musician. By the way, the track to the series "Real boys" - "Check it out" - the viewers hear exactly in the performance of Selivanov. Filmography of Vladimir includes also the series "Wedding Ring" and "Web 4". Today, the actor continues to withdraw, and free from filming time with pleasure devotes music.

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Anton Bogdanov

Red-haired friend Kolyan, always falling into comedysituation Anton, in real life Anton Bogdanov, was born in 1984 in the Murmansk region. Even in my childhood with my family I moved to the city of Bereznyaki (Perm region). At school I sang in a musical group, I played in KVN, I was engaged in ballroom dances and free-style wrestling. After school I went to study at the Perm Institute of Art and Culture, where I met Vladimir Selivanov. Together with friends he became a member of the KVN team "Stapler", and then "Kamedi Club". Together with Vladimir Selivanov became winners of the program "Laughter without rules", after which they went on tour in the South of Russia. At the same time, Anton tries himself in entrepreneurial activity. After work as art director of one of the most popular Permian clubs "Wind" Bogdanov opens his own project "BLACKBAR". In 2010, together with Vladimir Selivanov, Anton is invited to take part in the filming of the film "The Real Boys". Actors, whose biography is connected with the KVN and the "Kamedi Club", then did not even imagine how successful their new project would be. After the first series, the guys woke up famous. Bogdanov starred in other films ("Gentlemen, good luck!" And "Fir trees 3"). Anton is not going to stop there. He has many creative plans, which, in his opinion, must necessarily be realized in the near future. With Anton's personal life, to the chagrin of the fans, everything is all right: he is married.


Here they are - simple Permian guys,who starred in the sensational series "Real boys". Actors, whose photos you can see here, have many similarities with their heroes. The main task - to show the images of ordinary guys from the province - they did. And today we are looking forward to continuing this funny comedy series.

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