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Andrzej Жуulawski is a Polish film director, writer and screenwriter. He was born in Lviv in 1940, on November 22. He is the son of a poet and writer, and also a grandson of a science fiction writer.


Andrzej Zhulavsky
The Zhulavsky family went to France in 1945. Four years later she moved to Czechoslovakia. And in 1952 she returned to Poland. Andrzej Жуulawski studied at the directing department at the Higher Cinematographic Institute. He graduated from it. The creative debut of the young man took place in Poland. It was there that he returned when World War II ended.


Boris Godunov's film
Andrzej лавulawski acted as an assistantAndrzej Wajda during the filming of the painting "Samson" in 1961. He became the second director when working on the films "Love of Twenties", as well as "Ashes". In 1967, he created medium-sized television films "Pavonchello" and "Song of Triumphant Love." His painting "The Third Part of the Night" in 1971 turned into a manifesto of the new Polish cinema. She was awarded the Andrzej Munch prize.

We should say a few words about the censorship of thetime. Andrzej Zhulavsky's films did not always reach the viewer. In particular, the picture "Devil" was banned by the Polish censorship. The corresponding order came from Moscow from Furtseva, the Minister of Culture of the USSR. As a result, the film went to the regiment for a long 18 years. After the film was banned, the director received a proposal to create a film in France. The film "The main thing is to love", in which Klaus Kinsky and Romy Schneider starred, brought him fame internationally. It happened in 1975.

After returning to Poland, the director startedWork on a fantastic film called "On a Silver Planet." However, in 1977, on the orders of Janusz Wilhelmi, who was the deputy minister of culture in Poland, the shooting is turned off, the costumes and scenery are, in turn, destroyed. The director himself was forced to leave the country under threat of commenced prosecution. The picture was shot only by 80 percent. It was possible to mount the material that was saved and release it only after a series of political changes that occurred in the country in mid-1989.

The next picture was "Obsessed". It was played by Isabelle Adjani. This work won the "Golden Asteroid" in the framework of the festival of science fiction films, held in Trieste. Then the director made the film "Public Woman". It was played by Valerie Capriski. This work won a special jury prize at the film festival in Montreal. The next picture was "Crazy Love". The film was shot based on Dostoevsky's novel The Idiot. The next work of the director was called "My nights are more beautiful than your days". He also shot the film "Fidelity", which is based on the plot of the novel "The Princess of Cleves" Madame de Lafayette.

It should be noted that Andrzej Zulawski and Sophie Marceau became a married couple. The chosen one was 26 years younger than her husband. At the same time they had a son. But in the middle of 2001 the couple broke up.

However, let's return to creative activitythe director. In Poland, in 1996 he shot the film "Shaman". The script of the picture was created by Manuela Gretkovskaya. The last film of the director was "Space". It was released in the summer of 2015. At the 68th film festival held in Locarno, the picture won a prize for directing. Andrzej Жуulawski died in 2016, on February 17, after a long illness.


movies by Andzheya Zhulavsky
The director received the title of Commander and the star of the Order of the Renaissance of Poland in 2001. In 2002 he became a Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honor.


In 1971, he shot the painting "The Third Part of the Night". In 1972 he directed the film "The Devil". In 1975 he made a picture "The main thing is to love." In 1981, his film "Obsessed" appeared on the screens. In 1984 he put the picture "Public Woman". In 1985 he created the film "Crazy Love". In 1987 he worked on the film "On the Silver Planet". In 1989 he created the painting "My nights are more beautiful than your days". "Boris Godunov" - a film directed by the director in 1989. In 1991 he put the picture "Blue Note". In 1996 he made the film "Shaman". In 2000, his tape "Loyalty" appeared on the screens. In 2015, he created the painting "Cosmos". Among the director's favorite films are: "Wild Band", "Umberto D.", "Cylinder", "Sunrise", "Hamlet", "Great Illusion", "Gold Rush", "Adventure", "Amarcord", "Space odyssey of the year 2001 ".


Andrzej Zhulavsky and sophie Marso
"Boris Godunov" - Andrzej Zulawski's film withRuggero Raimondi in the main role. The plot of the film almost completely repeats the content of the opera. At the same time, the director changed the sequence of a number of scenes, and also gave a different interpretation of the events. So, in the picture there is a scene in which the mistress of the inn tries to seduce the monk. The director wished that, according to the plot, Boris was the lover of his own daughter Ksenia, but from such an idea he had to refuse, as required by the directors. The plot describes Moscow in 1598. The tsar Feodor died, leaving no heir at the same time. Boris Godunov, his brother-in-law, enters the throne. The protagonist is tormented by fears and doubts. Several years pass. In the cell of the monastery Pimen the chronicler tells Grigory Otrepiev, a young monk, that Boris Godunov was guilty of the death of Dmitry, the heir to the throne.

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