"Everything flows, everything changes," - who said this phrase?

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A lot has been said about the time, because a personit is peculiar to philosophize about things that are not tangible with feelings. Everything flows, everything changes ... The author of this dictum seemed to catch the very essence of time, his sense of man and put them in a few words. To this day, the phrase of the times of Antiquity is reinterpreted by great minds and philistines. It turns out to be relevant for millions of life situations. The changeability of being is expressed in a new way, but the meaning is reduced to one thing: everything flows, everything changes. Who said this phrase first and other details about it - the topic of our article.

everything flows all changes who said


As we know, many of the day-to-dayphrases have a very specific author. Alas, his personality simply does not connect with the saying in connection with the lack of facts. We began our article about the saying "Everything flows, everything changes." Whoever said it, having sealed it in the centuries, having handed it to our days, we will find out further.

Assign authorship of the known expressionthe ancient philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus. The period when the dictum appeared, date, as well as the supposed (according to historical sources) years of the philosopher's life, - 554 - 483 years BC.

all flows are all changing heraclitus

The expression "everything flows, everything changes" HeraclitusMemorized among the lines of his only written work "On Nature". The work of the philosopher was read by later scholars of the ancient period, and the phrase said correctly became an expression of those thoughts that did not give rest to all generations of great minds.

Further use

The works of the famous philosopher Platonature "of Heraclitus had a noticeable influence, he even quoted the saying we are interested in. As we see, soon the philosophical remark of Heraclitus became a winged phrase.

all flows are changing the author

Reflecting the variability of life in brief phrasesnot just succeeded to future generations. Thus, in the Romans expression turned into a short and eloquent-unspoken: "Everything flows." By the way, the literal translation from the original of the phrase of Heraclitus about the volatility of everything sounds like this: "Everything flows and moves, and nothing stays."

On the teachings of Heraclitus and the meaning of the phrase

Recall that the topic of discussion in our articlebecame the saying "everything flows, everything changes." Who said it and when this happened, and also about the quoting of the phrase, we have an idea. Now it will be interesting to learn more about the author and the prerequisites of the meaning of the phrase.

During the lifetime of Heraclitus, culture and science dazzledvarious philosophical teachings. Adherent of one of these was himself, Heraclitus. This teaching differed in its outlook on the surrounding world as a continuously moving and changing reality. The contrasts of the philosophical teachings of that time can be inferred from comparing it with the philosophy of the Eleatic. They treated being, as something monolithic, unshakable and inseparable.

everything flows all the Latin changes

From the writings of Heraclitus to the present day, othermemorable sayings, one way or another in meaning associated with the variability of everything over time. So, one, perhaps, of the most famous phrases says: "You can not enter twice into the same river". Despite the different imagery (the pictures drawn before the mind's eye, with a direct perception of the meaning of words), the connection of meaning is obvious.

Time flows like water in a river, changing everything, taking away the old and leaving room for a new one. Where the waves of the river have already gone, there will never be what was before. Everything is washed away by the time-river ...

And again, we repeat to ourselves: "Everything flows, everything changes." Latin pronounced these words like this: Omnia fluunt, omnia mutantur. In general educational purposes it will be interesting to know the translation of the phrase and at times to have the opportunity to show knowledge in the classical sciences. Latin dead language gives the knowledge a special charm.


So, the topic of our article is deepa philosophical phrase that expressed the most important property of time - to change everything. Nothing can not resist him: "Everything flows, everything changes." Who said this phrase, we also found out. The authorship belongs to one of the Greek philosophers - Heraclitus, who fully supports the idea of ​​the volatility of the surrounding world.

We hope that with your short article you conductedtime with benefit, expanding their knowledge and once again thinking about global issues. Let every day be filled with meaning, because it will never happen again!

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