How to draw a horse in stages: a simple scheme

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Learning to draw animals is not an easy task,because you need a well-developed ability to display the correct proportions in the drawing. Special skills require the image of a horse. However, if you paint this graceful animal in stages, then even the child can cope with the task. Let's see how to draw a horse in stages using an ordinary pencil.

Select a Picture Style

It is not necessary to have impeccable artisticskills to achieve a good result. The main thing here is a good imagination and a desire to learn. First of all you have to decide what exactly you will draw. If you have little experience, start with the picture of a motionless horse. After all, even an experienced artist is not easy to portray a running animal. Try to imagine your future drawing, find a photograph, carefully consider the figure and the silhouette to understand how to draw a horse in stages. Select mentally what parts the animal has, what figures the head, neck, and chest are like. Learn how the limbs are structured. Only in this way you can achieve a good result and get satisfaction from the done creative work.

how to draw a horse in stages

Draw a silhouette

Start with flowing lines. Draw the head and back, draw the legs, decorate the hooves. Consider how to draw a horse's head in stages. After sketching a conditional sketch, begin to study the basic details: specify the shape of the back, neck. Draw the joints of feet and hooves. Now you can depict the ears, tail and mane of your beauty. While achieving the harmonious dimensions of the figure, erase the inaccurate lines, draw them again. Continually check with the sample to understand how to draw a horse in stages.

how to draw a horse in stages

Draw details

The next stage of the work is to clarifydetails. It is important that all lines look smooth and natural. Once again, peer at the photo, remembering all the small nuances of the structure of the horse's body. Carefully draw fine details: a cut of the mouth, eyes, ears, nostrils, tail and mane. Then sharpen the pencil again. It is important that when applying small parts it is very sharp.

how to draw a horse's head in stages

Shade the picture

Now you know how to draw a horse in stages,It remains to learn how to apply shadows correctly. This is a fairly complex and painstaking technique, but try to use the lighting rule of any object. On the right, where the light falls, light shades of hatching will be used, on the left they will be much darker.


Children who understand how to draw a horsestep by step, you can suggest using colored pencils or paints. Then go on to the next kind of drawing animals. This is a sketch of a running horse. Here you also have to start by looking at photos, clarifying the ways and means of image movement. And only then go to the technique of drawing a horse. The main thing is to be patient and believe in yourself. To ensure that children are not tired of the image of complex details, turn the work process into a game. For example, invite children to draw cartoon characters or organize an exhibition of children's drawings.

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