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Rubai Omar Khayyam are known all over the world.They know by heart millions of people, endlessly quoting and retelling. What was the understanding of the most beautiful feeling on earth by the famous Persian poet? His amazing statements about love tell about this. Omar Khayyam masterfully approaches the process of comprehending the greatest mystery of being, not knowing compromises.

statements about love lobster hayam

Reading his sayings, you begin to understand more deeplythe truth that is indicated in them. The best statements of Omar Khayyam about life and love will be presented in this article. Perhaps, to some of the readers, they will help to accept the inevitable, to make the right choice.

"Days spent without love, are painful for me"

Here the author emphasizes the idea that lifeIt can not be considered complete if the person does not have a cordial attachment. Love is connected with life by invisible threads, it invariably complements it, brings its own special meaning and meaning. One can not exist without the other. Life without love does not make sense, because the person in that case can not really grow spiritually and develop. Existence is empty and disappointing. This is what Omar Khayyam says. Sayings about love are filled with unchanging wisdom and knowledge of subtle laws of the universe.

best sayings of lobster lame about life and love

When something does not work, you need to understand thereasons of what is happening, and not immediately reject the proposed benefits. Any problem speaks about the need to begin to reconsider their attitude to it. The more we cling to limiting beliefs, the more we get stuck in our own fears. However, there are no unsolvable difficulties. To overcome the chasm of misunderstanding, sometimes it is enough to start with yourself. The best statements of Omar Khayyam about life and love confirm this idea.

"He who instilled a tender love rose, he did not live in vain"

Even an unrequited feeling carries in itself largeadvantages. Someone may wonder: "How?" It is known that unrequited love brings suffering, deprives all forces and desire to act, achieve something. Only those who have experienced such a dramatic event in their lives will be able to understand the feelings of the rejected person. Unhappy love is sung by poets, while demonstrating to the world what great suffering it leads to. This is a state of mental anguish, a fall and at the same time take-off. Nothing so good illustrates the attitude towards feeling itself, as statements about love. Omar Khayyam emphasizes the idea that the experience of the state of falling in love itself brings joy and happiness.

wise statements about love lobster hayam

If you experience a strong cardiacaffection, it means that life can be called beautiful. Infatuation fills a person with a special meaning, makes you listen to yourself, discover in your soul uncharted depths. All this serves as an additional incentive to constantly climb new heights, conquering the horizons of the infinite universe.

"Kisses of my beloved - bread and balm"

Hardly there is more convincing literatureexamples of capacious and meaningful sayings than wise statements about love. Omar Khayyam is the master of the word. He formed holistic poetic forms, in which deep meaning and meaning can be traced. His rubai can be read just like that, enjoying the beauty of the sound.

lobster hayyam about love

This dictum helps to realize the significancea loved one for each individual person. In difficult situations, we are only saved by the presence of a kindred soul who will always support and understand. If there was no possibility for a person to open himself completely to another, we could not truly call ourselves happy. Interesting and his other statements about love. Omar Khayyam is a poet whose works touch the most hidden corners of the soul.

"Woe to the heart, which ice is colder"

Inability to experience a strong mentalAttachment indicates the presence of some psychological problem. Everyone has a need to love. If it is not satisfied for some reason, the person begins to build defense mechanisms. Rejecting a close relationship, we become unhappy.

Thus, the statements of love are truly beautiful and amazing. Omar Khayyam helps the reader to realize the enduring truth: it is important to give care and warmth to one's neighbor, to open the heart.

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