How to draw a rose in pencil: step by step training

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The ability to paint beautifully is not given farto each. But everything can be learned with due desire. It is necessary only to spend some free time and make some efforts. For example, a pencil drawing of a rose. It seems complicated only at first glance. In fact, if you follow the step-by-step instructions, everything is quite simple. Try it yourself.

How to draw a rose in pencil
How to draw a rose with a pencil: the beginning

So, let's start practicing. You need to start by creating a general outline of the flower on a piece of paper. He must designate the form of the rose. Even if you want to draw a flower that has already fully opened, you still need to start with a strongly concave billet in the form of a vase. It will serve as the beginning for the future core. And already from it should draw individual petals. This is the second stage.

Describing the details

How to draw a rose with a pencil? Surely, many have repeatedly asked this question, seeing the stunning images of these luxurious flowers. But the technology of all artists is almost the same. After the blank appears on the sheet of paper, begin to paint the side lobes on the flower. Add on both sides a pair of curved lines that resemble a question mark in shape. To them draw the edges of the future petals. They are recommended to be indicated by a weaker depression.

How to learn to draw a rose in pencil

Draw the core

Then you need to fill the center of the flower. If you do not know how to learn to draw a pencil with a rose, then follow this simple instruction. The core should consist of semicircular and curved lines. Remember what the bud looks like yet. In the center there should be twisted petals.

Adding individual strokes

It's time to take on the outer petals. Start with one side. Draw a smooth, clear line from the edge to the very base of the flower. It should also be slightly curved. But in this case our question mark will be very elongated. From this analogy draw a petal from the second side. Add the sepals so that the base of the rose does not rest against the stem immediately, but logically and smoothly turns into a green "basket" from which the bud has bloomed before. Rose is almost ready. It was the turn of volume. Do not worry, it's not at all difficult.

How to draw a rose with a pencil
How to draw a rose with a pencil: attach volume

For this procedure, take a hard pencil(it must be marked "T"). First, with his help, place neat, even shadows at the base of the outer petal. It is done by direct, clear strokes on both sides. Move from the edges to the center, easing the pressure on the pencil. Similarly, shade and the tier higher. And here is the zone where the outer petals border the bud, carefully paint it with a soft pencil labeled "2M". You should get the darkest places in the picture. The core will also be voluminous. How to draw a rose with a pencil? It's pretty simple. And you are already approaching the final result.

In the middle, each petal is worked out inisolation. The strokes are superimposed neatly, from the bottom up. The edge of the petals should remain white. This will not allow them to merge into one. We came to the final actions.

How to draw a rose in pencil: the final step

It remains only to fine-tune the appearance of externalpetals. Those places where their edges slightly bend from the bud, gently shade with a soft pencil (marking "M"). The inner space of the petals, which are located just above, make it completely dark. Strengthen hatching along the sides of the flower. Give a similar volume to the sepal. All is ready.

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