Milan Gogunskaya - a small TV star and her family

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Milan Gogunskaya - the daughter of an actor who played Kuzya insitcom "Univer" (TNT). This little girl won the audience with her angelic appearance and musical abilities. Would you like to know more about Milan and her parents? We are ready to share the necessary information.

The daughter of Gogun milan

The "star" father

Vitaly Gogunsky was born on July 14, 1978year in Odessa. Soon the family moved to the city of Kremenchug. Our hero attended just three schools - general, music and sports. From the age of 12 the boy began to earn money. Vitalya took a job as a loader to a store near his house. After school the guy went to Moscow, where he entered the GITIS. Since 2004 he has been shooting in cinema. Dozens of bright roles in his creative box. True popularity was brought to him by the sitcom "Univer". Gogunsky brilliantly played a dull pitching Kuzya.

Love story

On the set of the series "Univer" VitalyGogunsky got acquainted with Irina Mairko. Slender brunette model appearance immediately captivated the idle romance. Vitaly took long and beautiful care of her: he gave huge bouquets and expensive jewelry, invited to restaurants and night walks around the city. Soon the boy and girl began to live under one roof. The fruit of their love was a charming little daughter - Milana Gogunskaya. The baby was born in 2010.

The young father of the soul did not drink in his blood.Every evening after work, he hurried home, where he was waited by his favorite girls - a civil wife and daughter. However, the family idyll did not last long. With each passing day, there were more and more complaints from both sides. As a result, the couple decided to part ways. My daughter stayed with her mother. And Vitaly turned into a "Sunday" dad. He came to the baby on weekends, walked and played with her.

New life

In 2013, the actor married the girl Anna.Milan Gogunskaya well received the new daddy's daddy. The girl periodically spends the night at their house. Anya cares about Milan, as about her daughter. She prepares for her delicious, gives toys and beautiful outfits.

Milan Gogun

"One to One"

In 2014, the daughter of Gogunsky Milan wasis presented to the general public. It happened in one of the editions of the show "One-to-One", which appears on the First Channel. Baby helped her father in recreating the duo Ani Lorak and Grigory Leps. The audience applauded standing up. A sweet and talented girl was able to conquer the hearts of millions of viewers.


Now you know who Milana Gogunskaya is and when she managed to "light up" on television. We also told the story of her parents' acquaintance.

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