Actors of the series "The smell of strawberries" and their biography

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Turkish series are filled with stories about a clean,sincere love and injustice. One of the most striking projects of Turkish production is the series "The smell of strawberries." Actors of the series "The Smell of Strawberries" are selected with special trepidation, thanks to which the main characters have fallen in love with millions of spectators.

The plot of the series

Throughout the picture reveals the historylove of a young and clean girl with the beautiful name of Alsa. In her heart there lives a dream - she wants to become a confectioner and achieve world fame in this business. At one point her life presents her with a new acquaintance with a young and wealthy guy named Burak. He is not just an interesting man, he is the most enviable fiance in all of Turkey. The first meeting will not give special pleasure to new acquaintances and even breed hatred in their hearts. Once Alsa goes with her friend to Bodrum. And to her surprise, along with her on the plane turns out to be the most hated guy. The actors of the series "The Smell of Strawberry" performed their roles magnificently, no spectator could doubt that all the feelings they had played were real.

actors of the series smell strawberries

Actors and their roles

"The smell of strawberries" - a series, the actors of which as a selection. Absolutely all the participants of the shooting process are unusually talented, and their characters are insanely attractive.

Demet Ozdemir - Alsa is a nice and open girl, who wants to meet a real prince.

Yusuf Chim - Burak is a young, loving guy, with a very charismatic appearance and stubborn character.

Ekin Mert Daimazt - Volkan is the cousin of Burak, ideal both externally and internally. He works and studies, and behaves always about - the viewer really wants to see his character as often as possible.

Gözde Kaya - Chagla is a truly negative heroine. She meets Burak, lives well and is fond of fashion. Virtually all the machinations in the series are arranged by her hands.

Zeynep Tugche Bayat - Gonja is a close friend anda colleague in the confectionery shop of Alsa. From the last place of work, they retired together, and now Gonzai seeks to find a rich fan to live a comfortable life.

Mahir Gunshirey and Lachin Ceylan-Nihat and Selda Mazharoglu-Burak's parents, a strict father and an infinitely loving mother.

smell of strawberry series actors

Demet Ozdemir

"The smell of strawberries" - Turkish TV series, actorswhich is struck by its beauty. The spectator admires the expressive features of Demet Ozdemir throughout the whole seril. Awesome popularity of the girl was after the release on the TV screen series with her participation - NO: 309 and "The smell of strawberries." But also the Russian spectator is familiar with it on the film "Kurt Seith and Alexander".

In many different roles, actors tried themselvesseries "The smell of strawberries." Biography Demet includes work as a dancer and shooting in "I'll tell you a secret" and "Keep the word." It is worth noting that all events occurred in a fairly short time. It will be filmed only in 2013.

As for personal life, the relationship with YusufChim for her in the past, and now the heart of the actress is absolutely free. The actors of the series "The Smell of Strawberry" (photo below) did not meet for long. Most likely, they just too deeply felt their heroes and adopted their emotional state. But as you know, novels that are born on the set, rarely lead to a serious relationship.

smell of strawberry Turkish series actors

Yusuf Chim

Yusuf Chim was born in Turkey, like many actorsseries "The smell of strawberries." His biography is not full of dozens of roles in the cinema, because initially no one even thought that the guy will connect his life with creativity. After school, Yusuf decided to enter the computer technology school and, having successfully graduated from it, again continues to study at the State University of Radio and Television.

At this stage, his attractive appearance anda beautiful physique drew the attention of model and advertising agencies. He starts to shine on the pages of glossy magazines and participates in fashion shows. Yusuf, being a very creative person, has his own album, several clips, experience as a TV presenter.

Start an acting career began with a picture of Ezra, but the peak of popularity falls on the exit on the screens of the series "The smell of strawberries."

The personal life of the actors of the series "The Smell of Strawberry" is public, for some time Yusuf Chim was in a romantic relationship with Demet Ozdemir.

actors of the series smell of strawberry photo

Ekin Mirth Daimazt

Ekin was born in 1990 in the Netherlands.Since childhood, he was a very active guy, professionally engaged in basketball, but a serious injury forced him to leave his sports career and devote all his time to study. During his studies at the University of Halic, Akin filmed in advertising and participated in model competitions.

The debut role he received in 2014 in the series"Diaries of memory." But the special popularity, like almost all the actors of the series "The Smell of Strawberry", he received after the role of Volkan. In 2016, he won one of the main roles of the series "Life is beautiful when you love."

All the free time the actor gives to fitness, travel and meetings with friends. Currently, he is in a relationship with the well-known Turkish actress Handa Erchel.

life of the actors of the show smell of strawberry

Gözde Kaya

Gözde Kaya is a novice actress, a young asteriskTurkish cinematography. A girl was born in Istanbul in 1997. Acting talent Gözde Kay can be called a family one, because her sister is a successful Turkish actress Khazal Kaya. Just wanting to be as famous as a sister, the young actress decided to link her life with creativity. The mother of the girls supported the zeal of the sisters to glory, and therefore recorded them in a model school and dance club. Individual lessons of actor's skill of the sister were taken from five years. Gözde Kaya starred in commercials and won a beauty contest, where she was spotted by the director of the series "The Smell of Strawberry". Thanks to a happy occasion she got her debut role.

actors of the series smell of strawberry biography

Zeynep Tugche Bayat

The girl was born in a good family, lived in prosperityand love. Zeynep's mother did not work, and she devoted all her time to the education of her two daughters. After the death of her father, life in the family of the actress turned upside down. My mother went to work in a bank in Ankara, which forced them to move. Twelve-year-old girl Zeynep noticed the director of one modeling agency, which allowed her to start a new, very busy life. Young actress in her seventeen years studying at the Lyceum and starred in the series "The smell of strawberries." Interest in the acting career gave birth to her desire to become a professional actress.

Mahir Gunsperay

The actor was born in 1960 in an acting family.The desire of his mother to glorify his son led to the fact that at the age of five every director knew him. At the age of five he starred in the film Oglum Oglum, but then the father intervened, who believed that the child should have a full childhood. Thanks to this Mahir, not burdened with playing in the movies, was able to finish school and university. The filmography of the actor has more than ten films. In addition to his successful career as an actor, he has worked in the directorial field.

Lachin Ceylan

"The smell of strawberries" - a series of actors inmostly very young and inexperienced. Lachin Ceylan, in turn, can boast of acting experience. She starred in a dozen TV series, including "The Watchtower" and "Remember Me". Born in Turkey, Lachin lived all her childhood and youth in Germany. Creative abilities were manifested in her during school days during a visit to the theater circle. Initially, the career of the serial actress she did not get along, in contrast to the theatrical. For the first time she starred in the series, being at the age of 29 years.

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