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Glazunov Ilya Sergeevich, whose paintings will beare presented below, since 1980 is the title of People's Artist of the USSR. He is a full-fledged cavalier of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, and is awarded other awards, prizes for his invaluable contribution to the development of art.

Artist Biography

Glazunov Ilya's paintings

Glazunov Ilya, whose paintings are now familiarmany not only in Russia, but also abroad, was born in Leningrad in 1930, on June 10. When the Great Patriotic War began, he was in a besieged city. A boy from a family survived the blockade, all relatives were killed. He was taken out on the Road of Life, which passed through Lake Ladoga when he was 12 years old.

After the blockade was lifted, the teenager returned to his hometown in 1944. He graduated from the Secondary Art School, and then the Repin Institute.

In 1956, Glazunov married.In 1957, the first exhibition of his works took place, which was a great success. Exhibition of the artist in 1977, the authorities closed because of the painting "Roads of War," which allegedly contradicted Soviet ideology. It depicted the retreat of Soviet troops. The picture is destroyed, but there is an author's copy, which Glazunov drew later.

Since 1987, Ilya Sergeevich is the rector of the Academy of Painting.

Early Paintings

The first professional work of the artist is distinguishedacademic manner. Some of them are emotional and created under the influence of Impressionists and Expressionism. This is what Glazunov Ilya Sergeevich painted in 1950 - early 1960.

The early works of the author are "Leningrad Spring", "Nina", "Ada", "Metro", "Loneliness" and others.

Written at this time, the canvas "The Lastbus "(1955) allows you to visually move at that time. We see that twilight was gathering outside the vehicle window. Time after midnight. On the last bus, 3 women go. One of them is a conductor, she makes notes in a notebook about the number of tickets sold. After all, before, after and after the war, the ticket could only be purchased on the bus from the conductor, whom women usually worked with. She vigilantly looked for everyone to give money for the fare, gave in exchange for tickets.

Glazunov Ilya Sergeevich paintings [

The girl in the front seat is sad, she thinks about something of her own. Perhaps, she quarreled with her lover that evening, or she was tormented by other sad thoughts.

The woman on the last seat, probably all day went shopping. Now she comes home with shopping. The woman is tired, she yawns and wants to sleep.

These are the heroines that Ilya Glazunov painted on his canvas. Pictures "Giordano Bruno", "Pianist Dranishnikov" also refer to the early works of the artist.

"Eternal Russia"

artist Ilya Glazunov paintings

Ilya Glazunov painted the paintings that were receivedworld fame. These include the painting "Eternal Russia". Her creation the artist finished in 1988. The second name of the canvas is "One Hundred Centuries", because it depicts rulers, political and state figures, commanders and other famous people who have left their mark in history since the time of the formation of Kievan Rus.

Timed the writing of Ilya Glazunov paintings tothe millennium of the Baptism of Russia. On the canvas we see an endless national procession, a procession of the cross. On the canvas are depicted several churches, saints, Metropolitan Peter of Moscow, Alexei Moskovsky.

Kniae: Boris, Dmitry Donskoy, Gleb, Potemkin, the artist Ilya Glazunov, whose paintings are so global, also depicted on the canvas.

Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Lermontov and otherswriters and poets, people of art also appear before us in the picture. Not only people, but historical events recreated the artist on the canvas. The picture can be studied for a long time, so much it was able to accommodate people and significant events taking place in Russia.

Ilya Glazunov, gallery

The artist's paintings, like "Eternal Russia", can be seen in the gallery of the creator. She is in Moscow, on Volkhonka Street, at No. 13.

Like many canvases by Ilya Sergeevich, the pictureThe "Great Experiment" is a large-scale and reflective event of the country. Here the artist beats the negative events that have occurred since 1917. In a red star, he drew Lenin, his comrades-in-arms, who conducted a ruthless experiment to build a "new world."

Ilya Glazunov gallery paintings

With his picture, the author pronounces a verdict not only on Hitler, but also on those who fiercely fought against the church, the ideas of Christianity. Condemns his work Glazunov and later event - Perestroika.

These and other paintings of the artist can be seen in his gallery. Impressions of visiting this place will stay for a long time.

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