The film "Groundhog Day" (1993). Actors Bill Murray, Andy McDowell

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"Groundhog Day" - comedy, whose name has become a stable expression. It is used when it comes to a monotonous, boring life. True, in the film "Groundhog Day" (1993) actor Bill Murray played a man caught in a situation that is capable of making love crazy.

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Temporary loop

Actors of the film "Groundhog Day" (1993) created on the screen images of characters who a bunch of times worry one day from your life. However, only the main character knows that the second of February has a habit of repeating itself. He is trying his best to make this day perfect. It turns out that it is not immediately. But gradually he learns to correctly use the experience of yesterday.

In film "Groundhog Day" (1993) actor Bill Murray performed the role of a man whose views and thoughts undergo serious changes. Metamorphosis with Phil Connors, that is the name of the main character, takes place within a few hours. At least that's what other movie characters think.

The plot of the film is by no means original. Something similar was created by earlier filmmakers. Picture "Groundhog Day" - kind, enlightening tale for adults. After all the main thing In it, not a lot of comic situations, in which turns out the main character, but the moral and spiritual changes that occur with him in the time loop. The third of February comes only after Phil Connors becomes better, kinder, wiser.

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The actors of the movie "Groundhog Day" (1993)

The main role in this film could be performed by Tom Hanks. But the actor at that time was in the film "Sleepless in Seattle", and therefore refused the role Connors, about than, by the way, then did not regret. Candidates for the main role were also Chevy Chase and Kevin Kline. The screenwriter was very upset and stopped believing in the success of the picture after he learned who would play the main character.

Before "Groundhog Day" Bill Murray in the movie was shot quite often. But among his works, one could only call a role in the film "Razor blade". Although the audience knew him "Hunters for ghosts". Producer invited this actor, because he believed that in him combined incongruous. He could be both charming and disgusting. Both funny and sad. A good comedy always begins with a tragedy.

Andy McDowell in "Groundhog Day" played a girl whose favor is persistently pursued by the protagonist. On the main female role of pretenders was also a lot. Producer preferred McDowell, because he liked it in the film "Item of beauty".

Actor Michael Shannon in the film "Groundhog Day" performed his debut role. Shooting passed in the city Woodstock. Local residents were involved as extras. For example, a girl, who the teacher of music unceremoniously escorted out the door, played a young woman Woodstock Angela Golan. This small role predetermined her destiny. Angela became an actress.

The film was played by K. Elliott, FROM. Tobolovski, W. Garzon, R. Dukomman. Producer films - Harold Ramis. He also played the role of neurologist, offering the main character "stop by tomorrow".

Bill Murray

The actor was born in 1950 in a family of Catholic Irish. The teenager was quite complicated. Often missed classes. I entered college, but did not finish it. Murray was expelled, after which he was interrupted for some time by accidental earnings. But one day Bill got into the famous theater tube Second City. This is the beginning of his creative career.

B. Murray has played in films "Golf Club", "Razor's Edge", "The shop of horrors", "Started", "Wildness", "Broken flowers" and others.

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Andy McDowell

The actress made her film debut in 1984. Success to Andy McDowell came in the late eighties, when she played in the film "Sex, lies and videos". For the role in this film, she was nominated for "The Golden Globe". Other paintings with Andy McDowell: "Residence", "Short stories", "Club of losers", "Cedar Bay".

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