Alyona's supernova ("What? Where? When?"): Biography and personal life

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Alyona Poslavyeva refers to this type of captainelite club that remain leaders both at the gaming table and outside it. For many years she leads one of the best teams, which several times had a little bit of luck to make it to the finals. Due to her bright appearance, she is a famous person. Every outfit in which she comes to the game is vigorously discussed in the press.

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External beauty and grace, the ability to takesolutions in a difficult situation and a brilliant mind - the possessor of these qualities is Perelova Alyona. "What? Where? When? "Became for her a club where she was able to show her leadership abilities. After all, for a reason its team is considered exemplary and respected by other experts.


Alyona Povysheva was born in Minsk 23December 1987. I entered a gymnasium in the same city that I graduated in 2005. After school I went to study at the Department of Economics and Management of the Belarusian State Technological University. After a year of studying, she left the educational institution, transferring to the Belarusian State University. There she chose the same specialty, successfully finished her studies and received a diploma in education in 2011.

In the same year, Alena moved to the northern capitalRussia, where I got a job in the advertising agency "April". The girl has always been interested in PR and promotion of companies, so in 2012 she started working in the Melon fashion group. Here she still works and currently holds the position of PR manager of the company.

Alyona's supernova: "What? Where? When?"

Love for the game with the girl showed up at school. Being in high school, Alena successfully defended the honor of the gymnasium in intellectual competitions. His hobby greatly influenced her biography. After moving to St. Petersburg, she received an invitation to a new team of young players. Alena with pleasure accepted it and since 2012 is a member of the elite club "What? Where? When?".


She immediately became a captain, who is and is stillday. The team of Alena Perivoyova consists of five men from different cities: Alexey Samulev, Ivan Maryshev, Vladimir Kukharsky, Denis Lagutin and Yuri Filippov.

The game of these guys really liked viewers.Alyona as a captain showed herself from the best side, her intuition and ability to choose the version has saved the team more than once. Any connoisseur can become the author of the idea of ​​the correct answer, but the answer will be chosen by the captain - Alyona Pereligova. "What? Where? When? "Revealed her ability to distribute attention and from the many versions to stay on the right.

Personal life

Being a student of BSU, Alena played inintellectual games for their school. At regular competitions, she met a guy from Ukraine - Yuri Filippov. For several years they were friends, played together and looked at each other.


In 2011, Yuri made an offer to Alyona, and sheagreed. In the same year, they moved to St. Petersburg, where they live at the present time. Alyona Periwaeva's husband works as a photographer, so they have many beautiful photographs. It is noteworthy that Yuri Filippov became members of the team of Alena in "What? Where? When ", debuting on April 23, 2017. A couple likes to travel and is fond of snowboarding.

Scandal involving Alena Pobshevoy

At the end of 2016, Alena appeared on the game witha strange ornament on the neck. Later it turned out that this is one of the accessories for BDSM-entertainment. This situation immediately received a wide response, and it began to discuss bloggers and Internet users. Soon the information leaked to the press and even to television. In the famous show "Evening Urgant", this situation became an occasion for humorous news. Alyona herself does not comment on this situation.

Despite the provocative behavior, it is obvious,that one of the brightest captains is Alain Perenov. "What? Where? When? "- a club that became so fond of her that in fact became her second home. It is to be hoped that Alena and her team will still delight the audience with their amazing game for a long time.

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