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Many people have heard such songs as "Above", "Alone"or "Angel", sung by the singer Nyusha. The biography of this young singer is not known to everyone, although fans are more often interested in her. At 23, she is the recipient of many awards. Today we will talk about this talented person and learn a little about her life.

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Childhood of the young vocalist

The real name of singer Nyusha is Anya Shurochkina. She was born in 1990, on August 15. Her native city is the capital of Russia. From an early age, parents noticed in the baby the musical abilities that she inherited from her father, a former member of the group "Tender May" and a mother who had previously performed songs in a rock band.

Together with her dad, she was engaged in music andsongs. Efforts were not in vain: in five years, Anya first visited the recording studio and recorded her first track - "Song of the Great Bear". She was so interested in creativity that when Anechka went to the village to her grandmother, she organized a concert there!

Biography Nyusha - singer, conquered the younger generation

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At the age of nine, the girl entered a childdance theater "Margaritki", thanks to which she visited many cities of Russia and performed in the Kremlin Palace. During this period, the father hired her teacher for solfeggio and piano. As a result, at the age of eleven, Anya became a member of the Grizli children's group, together with whom she went for the first time to perform in Germany.

At the age of twelve the father made his daughterthe best gift - wrote her some songs. It was they who gave the girl the opportunity to sign a contract with Interscope in London. However, Anya refused this offer.

At fourteen the girl really wanted to get to the "Star Factory", but because of her age they did not accept her. Anya did not become upset and decided to enter the stage in a different way.

Nyusha's dream of creating a hit comes true

In 2007, the singer officially replaceda pop name on Nyusha. The victory in the contest "STS ignites a star" inspired her. In 2008, the girl decided to participate in the contest "New Wave" and takes it in seventh place. However, most of all she wanted to create her own hit.

In 2009, the biography of Nyusha is a singer whocontinues to believe in yourself, has replenished with important events. She finally created the hit "Howling on the Moon", thanks to which she received the first awards. The girl became a laureate in the competitions "Song of the Year 2009" and "God of the Air 2009", and also performed completely new compositions on "Europe Plus live-2009". The vocalist continued to create one hit after another. After a while, the album "Choose a miracle" was released, which took first place in all ratings.

2012 has developed for Nyusha's career even more successfully. She not only continues to develop her creative abilities, but she also does not refuse to play the leading role in the "TopHit-Chart" program on the MUZ TV channel.

Personal life of the performer

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About her personal life the girl does not likenarrate. Therefore, the love story of Nyusha, a singer of a new generation, is based on rumors. It was said that she met Aristarkh Venes, who appeared in the series "Kremlin cadets" and "Kadetstvo". Then she had another knight - Alexander Radulov (hockey player). Now she is not indifferent to Vlad Sokolov.

The singer promises to inform the fans about hermarriage. Still she very much wants, that on its example all people believed that miracles occur: it is necessary to strongly believe in them and be able to wait. Then everything you wish will come true.

Here is a biography of Nyusha - a singer who really believes in a miracle.

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