How to draw a heart by cells: three ways

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Wishing to pass the time, we often draw in the notebookunpretentious patterns. And if the drawing turns out to be beautiful - even if it's simple - the mood immediately rises. Well, let's see how to draw a heart by cells.

Symmetrical heart

Symmetrical pictures are easier to create. To show imagination it is necessary only for one half of drawing, and the second draw by analogy. First, let's analyze the simplest example of a heart.

How to draw a heart by cells

We paint two lines of 4 squares. Make a gap in three cells. Then connect them together as shown below.

How to draw a heart by cells

Go down the diagonal one square. Then draw a vertical strip of 5 squares.

How to draw a heart by cells

Now lower the diagonal line into 7 cells.

The scheme of the heart

Similarly, draw a second half. Leave room for a glare.

black and white heart pattern

So, we figured out how to draw a heart by cells. It remains only to paint it. The contour is made black only for clarity. You can choose any color.

Heart with wings

It's time to "give" our wings to the heart. As a basis, let's take the last drawing.

How to draw a heart with wings

From the upper corner of the lateral line, paint a horizontal strip 2 squares long. Next, go up diagonally to 3 squares and draw a vertical strip on 2 squares.

Heart with wings

Now we need three horizontal lines of 2, 6 and 4 cells long.

The wing for the heart

Make the wing tip, as shown in the picture. After that, paint vertically first 5 squares, then 4.

Wing for the heart by cells

We continue to lower the wing.

Wing on the cells

Now you need to make a bend. Draw the cells with the letter "G" (three horizontally and one down). We go one step diagonally, paint the line in 5 squares and go up one step diagonally.

Heart with a wing

Draw a strip of 4 squares and connect the wing with the heart. The outline is ready!

The wing for the heart

Now we will deduce "feathers".

Wing on the cells

Do the steps described above on the other side.

Heart with wings

Now we know how to draw a heart with wings!

Painted heart

Asymmetric heart

We disassembled two examples of drawings consisting of the same halves. If you have successfully coped with them, proceed to a more complex task. The third picture will be asymmetric!

How to draw a heart by cells in this case? Draw the outline of the first part, as shown in the diagram. Note that the bend point and the tip are not on the same line.

Asymmetric heart

Now draw the second part. Its upper edge is higher than that of the first half.

Asymmetric heart

Color the heart. Do not forget to highlight the highlights.

Asymmetric heart by cells

Now you know different options how to draw a heart by cells. Feel free to experiment and invent new ways. Do not be afraid to awaken the artist!

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