Touching the legend: how to draw a unicorn

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Unicorn is a mythical creature endowed withmagical power. There are traditions about this being among many peoples. And they all attribute different properties to the unicorn. So, in China they believe that he is a good messenger with a five-colored skin and a soft tusk, half-animal-half-hearted. In Europe, the opinion is held that the unicorn is an animal similar to a snow-white horse with a powerful twisted horn in its forehead.

It was believed that a unicorn can not be caught,using force, because he could endlessly leave the pursuers. But he had a weakness. Unicorn could tame a virgin maiden. This legendary animal came to her without fear and lay down at her feet, or at all hid in her bosom. Partly because of this in Christianity, the unicorn and the virgin are associated with Christ and the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary.

In more distant times, this mysterious creationalso depicted with the body of an ass, a goat or a bull. The question of how to draw a unicorn was relevant in the Middle Ages, when it was often used in heraldic symbols. But no matter what the Unicorn appeared, he always attributed only positive qualities: innocence, purity and purity.

how to draw a unicorn with wings

On how to draw a unicorn, influenced andthe following fact. Often his image was intertwined with a lion and a deer. They were so close that they eventually merged into one creature with a horse's body, a lion's tail, a lush mane and bifurcated hoofs. But modern artists can both draw a unicorn in the form of a simple white horse with a horn, and combine the above elements. Often this creature is added a beard as a reference to the original image of a goat.

In any case, to figure out how to drawunicorn, you must first learn how to accurately depict horses. After all, the horse's body is the foundation of this beautiful creature. Other elements only complement it, and they will not be able to improve the picture, if not meet the original proportions.

how to draw a unicorn

But even without the technique of the workshopimages of horses, you can draw a bearable hero of legends. There are many instructions on how to draw a unicorn in stages. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this. First, head and neck are thrown, then parts of the body that are closer to the viewer. After that, the distant limbs are attached, and then fine details are specified. But this sketch does not go to any comparison with the previous example, and following such lessons will not help create a picture worthy of admiration.

how to draw a unicorn in stages

If you study the structure of a horse, then without difficultyyou can draw many beautiful creatures, such as unicorns, pacers or wild mustangs. For you, not even such a difficult issue as the image of Pegasus will become a problem or, in other words, you will not be bothered by how to draw a unicorn with wings. An unconditional plus is the fact that you can place animals on your creations in any foreshortening and poses, which you definitely can not achieve by blindly following the step-by-step lessons. In a word, this game definitely costs a candle.

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