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As you know, to get into the world of show business andto become one of his unforgettable figures, there is nothing better than to become a participant in some bright and widely discussed TV project or show. And so it was in 2004, a beautiful beauty - Alena Vodonaeva from Tyumen. The constant desire to leave the periphery and go to the capital, prompted the girl to prepare a thesis for the then-acclaimed House 2, which ultimately led the persistent heroine to this reality show.

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In June 2007, Alena Vodonaeva together withMikhail Kontsev leaves Home 2, and the reason for leaving is fairly simple, she needed to move on - to reach a new level. After participating in the project, Alena sang in the group "Plasma", plus, participated in various TV shows, tried her hand at the role of a facilitator, and everything was good, her career moved swiftly uphill.

However, the night before the scandalousformer participant of the TV project House 2 - Alena Vodonaeva, decided to draw attention to her own person and told the public about the illegal acts of her former agent. The girl made a statement in one of the social networks, where she published a photo of this insidious person and gave advice to all those who suffered from his activities - immediately go to the police.

After a short introduction to soybeanspage, Alena went to the official statement, in which it was said that Ilya Dybov is no longer her trustee from the beginning of this year. The former manager used the name of the actress, secretly from her negotiated the shootings and shows with her participation, took money from unsuspecting clients for it.

Dybov disappeared in an unknown direction, and with himand all the cash of trusting citizens disappeared. Alena complains about the shadow cast on her reputation by the act of Ilya and resents the fact that for so long her close cooperation with the scoundrel could not recognize his true intentions. In conclusion, Vodonaeva writes coordinates for communication with her assistant Anastasia and threatens Ilya Dybova with prosecution.

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