The actors of the movie "Handsome" and the executable roles

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There is a huge amount of films about beautiful love, as well as funny comedies. And often in one movie you can combine these two genres.

The film "Handsome": actors and roles

It is this picture that is the story. There are also experiences about the love story of the main characters. And many amazingly funny moments. All this carries with it the project "Handsome" (film 2007). The actors played their roles perfectly, which allows us to enjoy the film.

The actors of the movie "Handsome"

  • Til Schweiger is the main character, journalist Ludo Dekker.
  • Nora Chirner - a teacher in the kindergarten Anna Gotslovski.
  • Matthias Schweighofer - photographer, partner Ludo.
  • Wladimir Klitschko - in the role of himself.
  • Alvara Hofels is Anna's girlfriend.
  • Barbara Rudnik is Sister Ludo.

Other actors of the movie "Handsome":

  • Rick Cavanian.
  • Armin Rode.
  • Yvonne Cutterfeld.
  • Gregor Boleab.
  • Paul Schueller.
  • Jürgen Vogel.
  • Anna-Sophie Brist.

Participation of Til Schweiger in the project

The actors of the movie "Handsome" are not allprofessional actors. In the film, the famous boxer Vladimir Klichko starred, who also coped well with the work, not being a professional in this field.

"Handsome" movie 2007 actors

This film combines all the directions inthe work of Til Schweiger, as he not only starred in the lead role, but also was a producer, as well as a director. And, in addition, wrote a script for this story. There are debut works of young actors. In the film, you can see all four children of the director - Lilly, Emma, ​​Luna and Valentina Schweiger. Older children play the main characters in their school years, during memories. And the younger ones are depicting girls in kindergarten.

Description of the plot of the picture

The actors of the film "Handsome" looked harmoniously inpainting due to his professional skills. The film tells the story of a journalist, ready at any cost to learn the secrets of celebrities. But once a man in his methods surpassed himself. When a famous person fell on his head while he was making an offer to his bride before all the guests. It was not easy to dispense with a slight fright, and it came to court. As a result, the journalist was assigned 300 hours of community service.

film handsome actors and roles

Eliminating punishment in kindergarten, the mainthe hero meets a girl who was mocked at school. And she promises to remember it. But while everything turns only against her. After a while, the revenge plan loses its relevance when the girl realizes that she fell in love with a man. And then all attempts to get at least some kind of relationship with the opposite sex turn into a failure for her.

When the punishment for the journalist ends, Anna begins to miss the man, knowing that everything will not be, as before, in her life. But the girl finds the courage for a decisive step.

The actors of the movie "Handsome" were given to ourattention to a wonderful German comedy. And the story once again reminded that appearance is far from the most important thing in life. Especially when there is an inner attraction to a person with whom it is interesting and pleasant to spend time. And what seemed impossible, suddenly changes all attitude to life and other people.

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