How to draw a crown? As easy as pie!

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Crown - headdress, long symbolizedthe monarchical origin of the one who put it on. They existed in all ages and among many peoples. Kings and queens, princes and princesses, and in our time wear crowns. Often these, I must say, expensive headdresses are decorated with precious stones, and they are made of pure gold. Still - they are awarded, for example, at beauty contests. Some brides also wear them for the wedding.

Several variants

How to draw a crown with a pencil? You can depict this power attribute in several ways. It all depends on why and for whom you do it.

how to draw a crown

The question "How to draw a crown?"Often ask kids, trying to portray" cartoonish "characters: princesses, for example. In cartoons, of course, the crowns are shown quite schematically. And your art will not require much knowledge in the field of painting. To help the child it is possible and necessary, having passed this course together with it.

How to draw a crown in stages

  • Step one. On a sheet of paper, draw a horizontal rectangle - this is the base.
  • Step two. Add two curved lines in the middle and above the figure.
  • Step three. Draw five triangles through the top line to the middle. On the tops of the figures are circles (these are the future gems). They can be depicted on the very basis of our crown.
  • Step four. Draw the outlines. All unnecessary lines of the sketch - erase!
  • Step five. We color our royal (or princessan) headdress: the body is gold, the stones are red, blue, green (rubies, sapphires, emeralds). Done!

how to draw a crown in stages

Now you know how to draw a crown. And you can cut it and attach it to your child's head. But for this, you first need to take a large sheet of paper, so that it is well entrenched around. Also, the headpiece can be decorated with beads, glued them around the perimeter, or New Year's rain. It turns out a great masquerade costume for little princesses.


If you are thinking about how to draw a crown not for a child, but, for example, a husband for a birthday or for a painting, then you need a more serious preparation. Here is a step-by-step instruction.

  • Step one. We start from the same rectangle. This is the basis of our drawing.
  • Step two. Draw a convex curve that connects the left and right upper corners of the rectangle. We also draw two similar curves inside it - separately from each other.
  • Step three. Zigzag line along the middle curve. Straight lines that will connect the midpoints of the zigzags and the bottom curve, as well as small circles on the tops.
  • Step four. Crown - the figure is geometrically correct. Remember this by drawing it. Draw circles in the centers of zigzag shapes - billets for future jewelry. Add volume by drawing outer circles.
  • Step five. We erase unnecessary lines. We circle the drawing, drawing the details.
  • Step Six. Color our crown to your taste and color.

how to draw a crown in pencil


Now you know how to draw a crownin several ways - both for adults and for children. At a friendly party will be very handy such a headpiece - for all sorts of competitions and rewarding winners. At the New Year's masquerade - also to the place. Your child will be satisfied with the new drawing-"cut-out" made with you.


By the way, there are many more kinds of crowns, and notonly such as we have drawn. But still it is a figure of precise shapes, and it must be represented symmetrically, using the rules of geometry. Do not forget about it, drawing a crown. And on your headdress, you can draw as many different jewels as you want! Or glue artificial glass stones to give it a more expensive look, and gold foil throughout the body!

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