Actress Ksenia Khairova: a short biography and filmography

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Ksenia Khairova is one of those actresses whoFilmed in the movies for decades, but for many viewers remains unrecognizable. In what pictures and what roles did she play? In which films can you see the performer and in what ways?

short biography

Ksenia Khairova was born in 1969 in Moscow. Her parents are the famous Soviet actress Valentina Talyzina and the artist Leonid Nepomnyashchiy.

ksenia hairova

When the girl was very small, father and motherdivorced. Leonid immigrated to Mexico, where he got a new family and made a good career. Xenia, however, did not maintain any contact with him, and before her marriage wore her mother's surname.

Valentina Talyzina took care of the diversified development of her daughter. She arranged Xenia in a special school, where the future actress mastered just three foreign languages.

In 1990, the girl from the first time entered the GITIS. Xenia's film debates took place back in 1975, so before the admission committee in the exams, she was confident enough.

Early work in film

For the first time with Ksenia Khairova, the audience metin the 70's. It was then that the little daughter of Valentina Talyzina was on the set of the famous comedy film "Afonya" with Leonid Kuravlyov in the title role. Ksyusha was entrusted with the image of Afonya's imaginary daughter.

xenia hairova

When Ksenia Khairova became a student of GITIS, sheagain returned to the cinema. In 1990, the girl appeared in the episode of the biographical drama of Alexander Proshkin "Nikolai Vavilov." In this film, such famous artists as Irina Kupchenko ("Old Nags"), Bogdan Stupka ("Fire and Sword") and Ingeborga Dapkunaite ("Sherlock Holmes") were involved.

In 1992 Khairova starred in the comedy "Your American Boria" along with Sergei Makovetsky ("Liquidation") and Tatyana Vasilyeva ("Zemsky Doctor"). In 1997, the girl lit up in an episode of the biographical picture "Koltsov's Life".

Ksenia Khairova: Filmography

In the 2000's. Xenia continued to actively withdraw, mostly she had to work in TV shows. However, there were episodes in full-length films.

For example, in the "Love and Gold" detective Ksenia Khairova appeared in the frame together with Alexei Panin and Dmitry Dyuzhev.

In 2005 Leonid Eidlin screened Vadim Zobin's novel "Love, One Love", whose plot is based on real events. In the film, which tells of the love of the 40-year-old Prince Pechersky and the young singer, the main roles were given to Nikolai Karachentsov and Marina Alexandrova. Among the actors in the second plan were such stars as Alexandra Zakharova, Yury Belyaev, Irina Skobtseva. Xenia appeared in the image of the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna.

After episodic appearances in the series "PrivateDetective "," Airport-2 "and" Detectives-5 "actress received a major role in the television picture of Leonid Belozorovich's" Race for happiness. " This time Khairova embodied on the screens the image of the wife of the protagonist - a talented rider who confronts his friends with the unprincipled businessman-monopolist Herman.

Also it is necessary to note the work of the actress in the project "Daughters-mothers" of the channel "STS", in the melodrama "Life that was not" with Vladimir Zherebtsov and in the detective series "Trail".

New movies with the actress

In 2010, Ksenia Khairova was again interested in the director Leonid Belozorovich, who at that time was working on the filming of the series "Institute of Noble Maidens."

Ksenia Khairov Filmography

In historical melodrama, Khairova was given the role of director of the institute Lydia Sokolova.

In 2014, Xenia became a participant in the filming of the series "Moscow Borzoi" with Olga Krasko ("Turkish Gambit") in the title role. In one of the series, Khairova appeared in the image of a professional psychologist.

In the same year, the performer flashed byscreens "First Channel" in the series "Good Hands". In 2017, the premiere of the detective Nikolai Baryshnikov "Souffler" is expected, in which Xenia will play Ms. Mayakin.

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