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Today we will look at how to draw a bedstep by step. This instruction is universal, therefore it can be used both for work on a computer in one of the graphic editors, and applying paper and paints or a pencil.


how to draw a bed
To figure out how to draw a bed,you should submit it. It's about that very favorite place where we go to sleep every night. Beds come in different materials and are divided into several types. In particular, they are foldable, on springs, double and single, folding, iron, made of solid pine or birch.

The basis

Now we'll figure out how to draw a bed withpillow and a blanket in cartoon style. To ensure that the bed does not fall apart and is flat, we need a skeleton. Drawing the foundation allows you to proceed to further stages of work. At the first stage, we create a contour that forms the elements of the bed. Further we draw the following parts: a mattress, a pillow, a blanket, a back and a front back of a bed, legs. In this case sequence is important. After creating the foundation, it is best to go to the backrest. We draw it immediately with the legs.


how to draw a bed in stages
We will look at how to draw a bed from a tree. You can also show your imagination and make a pattern. The legs are most easily represented as thin as the back, but it is also possible to use carved elements. Next, draw a voluminous, soft and fluffy blanket wrapped in a duvet cover. We proceed to the next stage. If necessary, supplement the surface of the blanket with ornamentation or funny images of cartoon characters.

The next stage is next.Draw a soft pillow, as well as a mattress under it. It is a question of its visible part. These elements can be supplemented with cages or stripes, if such patterns are suitable for you. It's also easy to draw an absolutely tucked bed, which is covered with a blanket. The main thing is to give vent to fantasy. As a sample, you can use your own bed or a photo of this piece of furniture.

One more stage of work is on the way.We have left to draw a second back, as well as the remaining legs. One important feature should be kept in mind. The degree of visibility of the rear leg entirely depends on the angle that we want to capture in the picture. The resulting image can be colored with felt-tip pens, paints or pencils, or kept it in black and white, limiting itself to a simple shading to give volume. Now you know how to draw a bed.

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